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Information on mileage accrual and terms of use for car loans, used car purchases, car rentals, and other such services.

Tour Guide Taxis  Human Vehicle

Tour Guide Taxis Human Vehicle

Human Vehicle is affiliated with some 300 taxi companies throughout Japan. Drivers can escort you around the region in tour guide taxis. The knowledgeable and experienced drivers can guide you to popular tourist spots as well as to little-known shops and eateries that only the locals know. They can also provide useful and detailed information, such as local customs, that you won't find in a guide book. Depending on the weather or how you feel, you may want to change your plans. For a fully customized journey, a tour guide taxi is the way to go.
When you use Tabiashi for chartered buses, tour guide taxis, or other services offered on the website, you automatically earn points equivalent to 1% of the total spent. You can redeem points for ANA miles or select Tabiashi gifts.

Accrued Miles

Mileage Conversion

HV's point 1hp 1 mile


[Eligible taxis: Tour Guide Taxis]

If you would like to make a reservation but are not already a Human Vehicle member, please complete your member registration before making your reservation. When you make an online reservation for any services eligible for points accrual, you earn points even if this is your first time using these services. From then on, each time you log in using your member ID and take advantage of any services eligible for points accrual, you will earn points automatically.

* When using a tour guide taxi with other members, miles will only be awarded to one member (the member making the reservation).

Applying for Miles Retroactively

Please note retroactive registrations will not be accepted.


Accumulated points have an expiration date. All accumulated points become invalid 365 days after the final date service was provided. When a Tabiashi bus or taxi reservation is made online and you use the service, the expiration date of all accumulated points is extended by 365 days.

* If, after 3 months, the mileage has not been awarded, contact below (within 6 months of service). Please note that we cannot process your claim after 6 months.)

* You must register as a Human Vehicle member to be eligible for this offer.

* Cannot be combined with discount services.

* Toll changes are not applicable for mileage accrual.


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