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About the changes to the ANA Mileage Club Awards
There will be some changes in ANA Mileage Club Awards starting from September 2008. Terms and condition of each award will be notified accordingly, before the actual changes are reflected.
[1] Flight Awards can be booked with less miles.
●During the Low Season, you can redeem Flight Awards starting from 10,000 miles.
(From April 1, 2009 [date of boarding].)
  The number of miles required for redemption in 0-600 mile sector during the Low Season will be changed from 11,000 miles to 10,000 miles.
●Selected routes will be offered with bigger savings ! (After December,2008 [date of booking].)
  We will be announcing certain flights in which you will be able to book your award with less miles regardless of the season.
[2] ANA Value Vouchers exchange condition will be changed
●ANA Value Vouchers (coupons) worth ¥15,000 can be redeemed with 12,000 miles. (Currently the ANA Value Voucher of ¥30,000 is exchanged for 20,000 miles). (From September 1, 2008 [date of exchange].)
  ¥30,000 of ANA Value Vouchers(coupons) is currently redeemed with 20,000 miles. After the revision ¥15,000 is redeemed with 12,000 miles. We have also expanded the shops where these vouchers can be used, such as ANA FESTA (ANA Trading Co. airport shops in Japan), ANA SKY SHOP (ANA Trading Co. mail order shopping), and ANA HOUSE (ANA Trading Co. duty-free shops).
* We have advised that the necessary miles for ANA value Vouchers (coupons will be changed from 20,000 miles ( = ¥ 30,000) to 22,000 miles ( = ¥ 30,000) last year , but it will be revised as mentioned above.
[3] ANA Selection will be expanded.
●Point redemption will start at "A-style", an online shopping mall where you can earn ANA points.
(From December 1, 2008 [date of exchange].)
  "ANA SHOPPING POINT" is a new point service where you can use and earn points depending on the amount of money you spend. For each ¥100 you spend, you will earn 1(one) point, which can be used for ¥1 worth of shopping. At the same time, point exchange award from miles will start. The conversion rate is 10,000 miles to 10,000 points. New "A-style" will have "ANA MILEAGE CLUB SELECTION SHOP(AMC SELECTION SHOP)",where variety of ANA SELECTION goods can be purchased with points.