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What happens if you remain logged in

Saving your Login Status

  ANA Mileage Club members have the option of selecting "Keep me logged in" and having the site remember them the next time they visit. This feature lets you access member-only functions on ANA SKY WEB (listed below) without having to enter your ANA Number and Password each time. If you experience any problems with this feature, please check that cookies are enabled in your browser preferences.

Services Available under "Keep me logged in"

  After selecting "Keep me logged in", you will have access to:
  • Personalized Top Page (service status, mileage, travel history, Premium points)
  • Campaign Registration
Please note that certain services such as ticket reservations may require you to re-enter your ANA Number and Password for security reasons.

Terms and conditions [Please read]

To protect your personal information from a third party, when using a computer that others may have access to, we recommend that you log out after your session.
When a symbol is displayed on the Top Page as shown in the figure, access to basic information such as customer's reservation information, mileage information and member profile are available. End your session by closing all of your browsers or by clicking logout.
Please be careful with your customer number and password. Also, we recommend that you change your password frequently. You can change your password by clicking on "Change Password" through "Members Only Functions."
When using members only functions such as booking a flight, you will be required to re-enter your customer number and password if your session has elapsed approximately 60 minutes since login.
The customer number and password provided through the Members Only Top Page will be transmitted through SSL.
If the cookie is disabled, you cannot login.
IE6.0 SP2 or higher users
  • Please go to "Temporary Internet Flies" of your browser setting and choose a setting besides "Never." The instructions for the setting change will be the following:
    From File Menu,
    Tools>"General"Tab>"Internet Temporary File">from "Check for newer versions of stored pages," choose a setting besides "Never."