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Travel Assistance for Disabled Customers

About this site

Illustration:ANA Disability DeskAt ANA Disability Desk, we are here to provide customers with disabilities or those who are ill or injured with consultation and assistance for a safe and comfortable journey.
If you require special attention or service due to medical reasons or physical limitations, do not hesitate to contact the ANA Disability Desk.

ANA Disability Desk 9:00-17:00 (7 days a week)

  • TEL:icon: FreeDial0120-029-377 / FAX:icon: FreeDial0120-029-366
    icon: NaviDial0570-029-377(Mobile phone) / 03-6741-8900(International calls)
  • FAX: 03-6741-8710(International calls)

Please Note

The following customers must contact ANA Disability Desk beforehand:

  • Customers requiring an Oxygen Cylinder and/or Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) on board. (The customer must have a signed medical certificate (MEDIF) by doctor verifying that he/she is fit to fly)
  • Customers requiring other medical devices on board.
  • Customers requiring a Stretcher
  • Customers requiring an Incubator
  • Customers who may need other kind of special medical treatments on board
  • Group tour customers including more than 10 people who require special assistance

Announcements from ANA

Illustration:To those who wish to helpFor customers traveling with a medical oxygen cylinder, Portable Oxygen Concentrator(POC)or CPAP, please see Personal Medical Equipments.

ANA Sky Assist


Please make sure to check the Safe and Comfortable Flight.

ANA Disability Desk

9:00-17:00 (7 days a week)


  • icon:FreeDial0120-029-377
  • icon:NaviDial0570-029-377(Mobile phone)
  • 03-6741-8900(International calls)


  • icon:FreeDial0120-029-366
  • 03-6741-8710(international calls)

Reservation/Ticketing Center


24 hours 7 days a week

  • icon:NaviDial0570-029-709
  • icon:NaviDial0570-029-222 (Japanese)

Telecommunication Relay Service

For customers with hearing and speech disabilities,we offer relay service via e-mail,fax and chat.Please check the following link for futher information.

Telecommunication Relay Service for ANA

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