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The Introduction of New Passenger Charges at Narita International Airport

Effective from the 16th of November, 2009, Narita International Airport will implement the Passenger Security Service Chargesand change the conditions of Passenger Service Facility Charges as follows.

Passenger Security Service Charges
Passenger Security Service Charges will newly be introduced.
  Adult and Child
International Departure from Narita JPY500
International Transit at Narita JPY500

Passenger Service Facility Charges
Passenger Service Facility Charges will apply to all international transit passengers who have up to now been exempted.
  Adult Child
International Departures from Narita (No change) JPY2,040 JPY1,020
International Transit at Narita(New) JPY1,020 JPY510

Effective Date
16November, 2009
New charges will be applicable for tickets issued and for travel on/after 16November, 2009.

For more details of Passenger Service Facility Charges and Passenger Security Service Charges, please refer to the Narita International Airport official Web site.

October 5, 2009
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