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ANA Value Vouchers

Here you can find the information on the required mileage, terms of use, and how to apply for "ANA Value Vouchers".

ANA Mileage Club   New Enrollment   No initial fee and no annual fee
ANA Value VouchersYou can use 10,000 miles as the payment for a 10,000 Yen value coupon when buying Flight Tickets or shopping at ANA FESTA (airport shops), etc.
General notes on awards
Please check the following notes on award usage.
Notes for Award Redemption Information about Award User Registration

Required mileage and eligible products

10,000 miles are required for award earns a set of coupons worth of ¥10,000 (¥5,000 × 2)

* Please note that this award can only be redeemed in units listed above.

Eligible Products


Use ANA Value Vouchers to purchase ANA airline tickets, domestic or overseas tours by ANA Sales, lodging and meals at IHG ANA co-branded hotels and ANA hotels, in-flight shopping on ANA flights, ANA FESTA airport shop products, ANA DUTY FREE SHOP products, shopping and dining at pâtisserie Sadaharu AOKI paris, and payments at the HAYAKITA COUNTRY CLUB front desk (Hokkaido).


* ANA Value Vouchers cannot be used at hotels other than IHG ANA co-branded hotels and ANA hotels, or travel agencies outside in the ANA Group.


ANA Value Vouchers are valid until the last day of the 12th month from the month of issue date.

(Ex.: An ANA Value Vouchers issued on April 1, 2015 would be valid until April 30, 2016.


ANA Value Vouchers must be used before their expiration. Please be advised that all expired Coupons are invalid.

* The availability of using Coupons together with discount services may differ depending on the type of usage and facility.

Eligible users

An ANA Mileage Club member whose name and ANA Mileage Club membership Number is on an ANA Value Voucher, his/her spouse and member's relatives in the second degree.
ANA may ask you to show your ID when you use the ANA Value Voucher.

"Award User Registration"(up to 10 persons) is required for customers other than the member him / herself to use ANA Value Vouchers. Please register award users through the "members-only functions" area.

* Award users may be requested to provide documentation verifying their family relationships with members.

* "ANA Value Vouchers" with different member names may be used together by eligible users.

Terms of Use

Using ANA Value Vouchers

The use of "ANA Value Vouchers" is subject to certain restrictions, including usage locations. Be sure to check the web page for each eligible product before using ANA Value Vouchers.

Please note that cash change cannot be given when paying with ANA Value Vouchers.

Please note that the amount equivalent to the change portion cannot be used to pay for other products or services.

ANA cannot assume responsibility for lost or stolen Coupons. Please be advised that Coupons will not be reissued under any circumstances.

Please take care not to damage Coupons, as they will be machine processed.

Coupons cannot be redeemed for cash.

Coupons cannot be bought or sold. Sold Coupons are invalid.

Coupons cannot be used at general travel agencies and other non-designated locations. Please review the list of goods for details.

Invalid Coupons

The following ANA Value Vouchers are invalid.

Coupons that do not have the ANA Mileage Club number and name, issue date, and expiry date printed on the front.

Coupons that have been sold.

Expired Coupons.


* No cash refund, return of "ANA Value Vouchers" or crediting mileage to the customer's Mileage Account will be available for the portion of payments made with ANA Value Vouchers.

Mileage Accrual

Accrual miles differ according to a product. Please confirm it at "List of good".

Issuance of receipts

Receipt will be issued with amount of payment other than ANA Value Vouchers. Payment breakdown including ANA Value Vouchers will be shown in the receipt when requested total amount on it.
*Please check the details other than ticket receipt when you pay.

About receipts (domestic flights) About receipts (international flights)
Please check the Terms of Use and List of Eligible Products before applying to redeem awards.
Terms of Use   List of goods   Redemption procedure

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