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About HTML email
About HTML email
HTML email gives you the ability to confirm reservation information using an easy-to-view and clear screen that is a particular feature of HTML email. Please note the following points as relates to HTML email.

• Your email platform must be configured to view HTML type emails.
• Please configure your email platform to be able to display HTML type email.
• Please keep your Internet connection open until the pictures or images have been completely displayed. (Please note that payment of Internet connection charges are the responsibility of the user).
1. Reservation information. You can view information for both fare rate or code-share flights.
2. Payment deadline. You can view information on the payment deadline or the notice of transfer period.
3. Reservation details. You can confirm the details of your reservation.
4. Information from ANA. You can view convenient information from ANA.
5. Inquiries. You can confirm your inquiries or contact numbers. In addition, you can check the required details to input into the search box.

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