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・Passengers who plan to travel to the United States on/after January 12th, 2009 under VWP(VWP countries, please refer to here). must get pre-travel authorization though ESTA by themselves before check-in. Please get pre-travel authorization by yourself before you come to airport, as passengers without pre-travel authorization can not be checked-in.Please click here for details.

Los Angeles International Airport Airport Guide
Airport Summary
The Los Angeles International Airport, one of the world’s largest, consists of nine terminal buildings boasting of the largest scale on the U.S. west coast and state-of-the-art facilities. The double-tiered roadway World Way has functional links to nine of the terminals and parking areas of each centered in the so-called “Theme Building,” which also serves as the symbol of the airport.

Arrival : Flights operated by ANA will arrive at Tom Bradley International Terminal.

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1 Immigration Please present your passport and customs declaration form.
Note: You are requested to submit the customs declaration form even if you have nothing to declare. Only one customs declaration form is required per family.
Note: The paper form I-94W(arrival/departure record) for authorized travelers from nations participating in the Visa Waiver Program(VWP), with an approved Electronic System for Travel Authorization(ESTA), has been eliminated.
3 Customs Inspection of luggage
Duty Free limits
Note: 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, or 2kg of smoking tobacco, up to 1 liter of alcoholic beverages. (Please note that the dutyfree allowance for tobacco and alcoholic beverages applies only to persons of 21 years or older.)

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Departure : Flights operated by ANA will depart from Tom Bradley International Terminal.

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Customers who transit from ANA to UA
  Please check-in baggage at the baggage counter for transit after completing all arrival procedures. Next, please go to Terminal 7 by terminal connecting bus (LAX Shuttle A) or on foot and complete check-in for departure at the UA counter.
Customers who transit from UA to ANA
  Please go to the Tom Bradley International Terminal from Terminal 6-8 by terminal connecting bus or on foot and check-in for departure at the ANA counter.
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Terminal facilities

Carts Carts can be used free of charge upon arrival and, when departing, require payment of $5.00 per cart (either bills or credit card can be used).
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