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Passengers who plan to travel to the United States under VWP(VWP countries, please refer to here). must get pre-travel authorization though ESTA by themselves before check-in. Please get pre-travel authorization by yourself before you come to airport, as passengers without pre-travel authorization can not be checked-in.Please click here for details.

Washington Dulles International Airport Airport Guide
Airport summary
The Washington Dulles International Airport is the international airport in Washington DC, the capital of the U.S. Architectural designers have given the airport interior a unified color scheme based on white and charcoal gray. A unique bus system known as the Mobile Lounge shuttles between each of the airport terminals. There was been a constant increase in the number of airport users year by year and the development of new terminals and runways as well as parking facilities is in progress. There is another airport known as the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, which is used primarily for domestic flights, and access linking the Dulles Airport and National Airport is fully developed and transfers to connecting flights are also convenient.



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Arriving customers

1 Immigration Note: Please present your passport, embarkation/disembarkation card and customs declaration form.
Note: You are requested to submit the customs declaration form even if you have nothing to declare. Only one customs declaration form is required per family.
Note: The paper form I-94W(arrival/departure record) for authorized travelers from nations participating in the Visa Waiver Program(VWP), with an approved Electronic System for Travel Authorization(ESTA), has been eliminated.
3 Customs Inspection of luggage
Duty Free limits
Note: 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, or 2kg of smoking tabacco. Both are only to consume it privacy.; up to 1 liter of alcoholic beverages. (Please note that the dutyfree allowance for tabacco and alcoholic beverages applies only to persons of 21 years or older.)

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Departing customers

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Terminal facilities

Carts Carts can be used free of charge upon arrival but, when departing, there is a charge of $3.00 per cart (both bills and coins can be used).
Currency exchange Currency exchange service is available in the arrival lobby (1st floor) and departure lobby (2nd floor) of the main terminal and in both the arrival and departure lobbies of Concourse B.
Business hours: 9:00-13:00 & 15:00-17:00, Monday-Friday
Mail boxes Note: Mail boxes were all removed after 9/11 and, along with that, stamp vending machines were also taken out. Note that ANA staff members basically do not accept requests from passengers to post mail items since they are not in a position to take responsibility for them.
Cafes There is a café in the departure lobby (2nd floor) open 7:00-21:00 and also snack bars in operation 24 hours a day.
Business center There is a business center in the departure lobby (2nd floor). Currency exchange service is also available there.
Business hours: 7:00-21:00
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