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ANA International Upgrade Awards
Application & Ticketing
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The ANA Mileage Club Service Center
* For boarding on/after March 1, 2015, if two or more passengers are booked under a single reservation and some of the passengers wish to request an upgrade, please note that it will be necessary to divide the reservation. Please request the booking office to divide the reservation if the above applies to you.
Contact ANA Mileage Club Center for reservations made through the ANA website.
Application and ticketing period
You can apply from 355 days before your boarding day (not including the date of departure) until 24 hours before departure.
* period may differ depending on business days function.
* There may be ineligible periods or the number of seats are limited.
* Miles will deducted as soon as the reservation is set.
Your reservation needs to be purchased to request upgrade as waitlisting list.
Waitlisting is kept until the flight day. Please confirm whether or not you were able to acquire a seat at the check-in counter on the departure date. Miles required for Awards will be deducted from your account once the seat is confirmed.
Reservation of another flight ticket in same class as the class acquired with an Upgrade Award (a double reservation) may not be possible.
(Ex.:Double reservation of Upgrade Award from Economy Class to Business Class and purchasing of a ticket in Business Class, etc.)
* An upgrade cannot be made at the airport on the departure date if you have a double reservation.
About changes after application
Once an application is submitted, the passenger name and name of the person providing the mile redeemed cannot be changed.
Changing Upgrade Awards are not permitted.
* Details of the application can be changed. To change the details of an application, cancel and receive a refund prior to the departure of the reserved flight, apply for a new Upgrade Award.
Cancellation of unused Awards
To cancel unused Upgrade Awards, contact the ANA Mileage Club Service Center or a members-only desk before departure of the reserved flight to make use of the Refund policy for unused awards. Miles redeemed for the Award will be refunded to the account without deduction of refund fee miles (normally 3,000 miles).

* However, miles expired at the time of refund will not be refunded. Also, please note that miles will not be refunded if no communication was made before departure of the reserved flight.
* The number of Upgrade Awards seats is limited.(Upgrade seats may not be available on some flights.)
Seats may be unavailable with Awards on some flights, even if seats are available with paid tickets on
the same flight. Thank you for your understanding.
* When using Upgrade Awards, accumulation of miles and ANA Premium Points are based on the class of
the ticket you purchased.
* Other than as stipulated in the "Refund policy for unused awards," redeemed miles cannot be
refunded to a mileage account or redeemed for different Awards, even if Awards have not been
delivered or used.
* If connecting with an ANA flight from other airline, through check-in for upgraded flights is not always
allowed due to various factors including the airport of departure, the airline used, or computer systems.
In such cases, members are required to check-in again at an airport for transit.
* Service for the upgraded class will be provided. However, if the member is connecting to an ANA flight
from another airline, service for baggage allowance for the upgraded class cannot be applied on the ANA
operated segment when the baggage is checked in to the final destination at the check-in counter of
the other airline.
* Please note that any required taxes, airport fees, fuel surcharges, or other incidental fees may be
charged separately.
* The following departure tax differs according to boarding class. Upgrades using miles are also subject to these duties.
Please note that even if the ticket has been issued, tax based on boarding class must be paid at the airport.
-U.K. Air Passenger Duty: Applicable to passengers departing from any airport in the United Kingdom.
-French Air Passenger Solidarity Tax: Applicable to passengers departing from any airport in France.
◇For Online Reservations

・ When there are multiple passengers, it is not possible to change or cancel an upgrade request online.

If you wish to change or cancel your request, please contact ANA Mileage Club Service Center.

・ Upgrades cannot be requested online if you are traveling with an infant who will not be occupying a seat.