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Xiamen International Airport Airport Guide
Airport Summary
Xiamen is an island city in southeastern Guangzhou province that was founded during the Ming dynasty. Today it has developed into an important port as one of Guangzhou's Special Economic Zones. Many buildings from the colonial period can be seen amongst the modern structures. Xiamen International Airport is roughly 12km from downtown.

Arrival : Flights operated by ANA will arrive at International Terminal.
Elevator   sign Information   sign Currency Exchange   sign Bus   sign Taxi
Passengers arriving at Xiamen International Airport
2 Immigration :Please present your passport and immigration card.
4 Customs :Passengers with items to declare must present the customs declaration form here.
The red counter is for passengers who have items to declare while the green counter is for passengers who do not have any items to declare.
Duty Free Limits
Passenger duty-free allowances are as follows:
・Up to 1500ml (12% volume) alcoholic drinks
・400 sticks of cigarettes, 100 sticks of cigars or 500g of tobacco
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Departure : Flights operated by ANA will depart from International Terminal.
Departure Terminal
Click here for counter opening time
To 4th floor Xiamen Airport Lounge
sign Currency Exchange   sign Taxi   Passengers departing from Xiamen International Airport
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