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This campaign has finished.

From 1 April 2011, new baggage rule applies for ANA operated international flights, please click here for details.

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For mileage redemption programme exclusively for members in Europe, please refer to Miles to Shop for details.
    Excess baggage by mileage
As one of the mileage redemption options, we are delighted to offer our members the following campaign ;
Campaign period :
till 31 March 2011
Eligibility :
ANA Mileage Club members in Europe, Middle East and Africa
Applicable flight :
NH201, NH202, NH205, NH206, NH209, NH210, NH207, NH208
Detail :
ANA Mileage Club members can pay for excess baggage using mileage
Terms & Conditions :
* Maximum of 40kg per reservation per person. 40kg can be used partly outbound and partly return flight. (i.e. 10kg on outbound flight and 30kg on return flight.)
* Award can be used by family members within AMC regulations.
* Infant fare is not eligible for this campaign.
* Application through web site has to be made 3 days before the flight and telephone application by the day before the flight. (excl Sat. Sun and Bank holidays)
* Please give 7 days notice if you require written confirmation when applying by telephone.
* Once applied, mileage will be deducted immediately.
* Mileage cannot be refunded even if there is no excess baggage upon check in.
* Only applicable to ANA operated flights and not applicable to connecting flights on other airlines.
* Code share flights operated by any other carriers are not eligible for excess baggage waiver.
* If you have an excess baggage waiver on the ANA operated flight, it may be necessary to collect your baggage at the connecting airport and re-check in with ANA.
* Due to aircraft size, some domestic flights in Japan may not accept excess baggage.
* Not applicable to domestic flight only reservation.
* Family Account service (to combine mileage among family members) cannot be used for this redemption.
* Application cannot be made at the airport.
* Mileage will only be refunded in the case of involuntary cancellation of the flight.
Online application
(Campaign ended as of 31 March 2011.)  

For inquiries :
ANA European Customer Service Centre