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For passengers traveling with pets [International Flight]

We provide assistance for customer traveling with a much loved pet.

For passengers traveling with pets

We provide assistance for passengers traveling with a much loved pet.* Pet care will vary when transporting separate cargo.Please ask for details at the cargo service in the airport where your pet is checked in.

  • * This service applies to only to ANA operated flights. For code-share flights, please check with the operating carrier.
  • Various information(Fees, Application, etc.)
  • Flow of check-in
  • FAQ
Please note

Prior to checking in your pet, please be sure to read and confirm information here.

What kind of animals do you accept?
We can accept dogs, cats, small birds, and other small animals such as rabbits, hamsters and ferrets.
ANA will suspend carriage for short-nosed dogs such as bulldogs during June 1st-September 30th every year.
Click here for details.
What preparations should I make before checking in my pet?
Since you will not be able to feed your pet once you check-in your pet, we recommend that you provide your pet sufficient food in advance.
Are there any documents that you require when I check in my pet?
You are required to sign Consent and Release forms at the check-in counter.
Is there a time limit for checking in my pet?
Please arrive to the airport early and plan on completing check-in 120 minutes prior to your departure.
How will my pet be boarded after check-in?
Your pet is kept at an air-conditioned counter until prior to departure and is then loaded on the aircraft.
Where in the aircraft will my pet be boarded?
Your pet will be loaded in cargo compartment of the aircraft. The bulk cargo room is pressurized and air-conditioned as well as the passenger cabin. The temperature is maintained at a level of 15-20℃.
Is there a special counter for checking in pets? Where can I pick up my pet after arrival?
Pets are checked in at the regular check-in counters. However, as your pet is subject to quarantine inspections at the departure airport, please come to the counter after the inspection has been completed. You can meet your pet at the baggage claim area. Our airport staff will deliver your pet at arrival.
I am visually impaired and want to take my assistance dog with me. Can I get on board the plane with my dog?
A passenger with disabilities may be accompanied by one dog free of charge. Please let us know when you book your flight.
If there is a connecting flight, will I pick up my pet at the final destination?
Since importation procedures depend on the national laws and quarantine systems, please confirm the details at the appropriate consulate, etc. of your destination.

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