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ANA Japan Domestic Flight Awards
Required Mileage for AwardsConditions for Award TravelValidity of Domestic Flight Awards
Enjoy Domestic Award Travel Nationwide.

If you accumulated enough mileage to redeem Domestic Flight Award, you can enjoy not only ANA but also IBEX Airlines.
Mileage required for ANA International Upgrade Awards are separated by itinerary zones, starting April 2008, new awards charts based on “distance”. Details are here
Required Mileage for Awards

Get awards for as little as 10,000 miles

 Eligible Flights
All ANA domestic routes and and IBEX Airlines routes

Choose any 2 segments from among ANA domestic routes and IBEX Airline routes
(* 1 segment = direct flight)
[ Flights to Okinawa Islands ]
Available only for itineraries that include flights to the Okinawa islands with a connection at Okinawa (Okinawa-Miyako, Okinawa-Ishigaki), and that include up to 4 segments (1 segment = direct flight), including round-trip flights.

Applicable Flights

* 3 segment flights are not eligible.

[ In the same seasonality ]
Miles required for flight awards will be calculated based on the total itinerary distance and the season of the departure date for each segment. Miles required are determined by the departure date.

[ Multi-segment flights over multiple seasons ]
If the first and second travel segments fall into different seasons, additional miles equal to 1 half of the basic mileage requirement will be required for each of the segments.

[ Flights to Okinawa Islands ]
For itineraries with 4 segments that include flights to Okinawa islands (Okinawa-Miyako, Okinawa-Ishigaki) with connections at Okinawa and where each of the 4 flight segments falls in a different season, additional miles equal to 1 quarter of the basic mileage requirement for each of the segments will be added to the total itinerary distance (calculated as the sum of the basic mileage for each segment).
Applicable Flights

[ Mileage Chart ] (Unit = Mile)
L(Low season)
 R(Regular season) H(High season)
Total itinerary distance
(the sum of all basic flight segment mileages)
Economy seat
0~600 10,000 12,000 15,000
601~1,600 12,000 15,000 18,000
1,601~2,000 14,000 18,000 21,000
2,001~4,000 17,000 20,000 23,000
* View basic flight segment mileages here.

[ Chart for Seasonality ]
L(Low season)
 R(Regular season) H(High season)
L 2009 4/1-4/23, 12/1-12/24
2010 1/4-2/10, 4/1-4/28, 11/24-12/24
2011 1/4-2/28
R 2009 5/6-8/6, 8/17-11/30
2010 2/11-3/18, 5/6-8/6, 8/23-11/23
2011 3/1-3/18
H 2009 4/24-5/5, 8/7-8/16, 12/25-12/31
2010 1/1-1/3, 3/19-3/31, 4/29-5/5, 8/7-8/22, 12/25-12/31
2011 1/1-1/3, 3/19-3/31
* The eligibility periods noted above are subject to change due to promotions and other offers.

[ Sample Mileage chart for round-trip Economy Class (2 segments) in single segments ]
Segment 0-600 miles long    L 10,000  R 12,000  ■H 15,000
Tokyo ↔ Oshima Miyakejima Toyama Sendai Hachijojima Nagoya
Noto Komatsu Shonai Akita Osaka  
Osaka ↔ Kochi Matsuyama Iwami Oita Fukuoka Kumamoto
Nagoya ↔ Tokushima Yonago Matsuyama Niigata Fukushima  
Sendai ↔ Hakodate Komatsu        
Fukuoka ↔ Tsushima Goto-fukue        
Okinawa ↔ Miyako Ishigaki        
Sapporo ↔ Hakodate Kushiro Meman-
Rishiri Wakkanai Nemuro-

Segment between 601-1,600 miles    L 12,000  R 15,000  ■H 18,000
(Round trip segments other than above or below)

Segment between 1,601 - 2,000 miles    L 14,000  R 18,000  ■H 21,000
Tokyo ↔ Okinawa Osaka ↔ Wakkanai Miyako Ishigaki
Nagoya ↔ Okinawa Sapporo ↔ Fukuoka    

Segment between 2,001 - 4,000 miles    L 17,000  R 20,000  ■H 23,000
Okinawa ↔ Sendai  Niigata

Application Period
[ Application period ]
The application period begins at 9:30 a.m. on the calendar day exactly 2 months prior to boarding and ends 4 days prior to the start of your trip (not including the day of the trip itself).
* If the calendar day exactly 2 months prior to boarding does not exist, then the application period begins on the last day of the month that is 2 months prior to boarding.
For example: on flights between 4/29 and 4/30, begin applying on 2/28 (or 2/29 in a leap year).
* Flights returning within 15 days of departure can be reserved when the reservation for the first sector is made, even if the booking period for the return flight has yet to open.
* Your whole itinerary must first be booked. Open tickets cannot be issued (1 segment = direct flight).

[ Ticketing period ]
Ticketing will take place (and miles will be deducted) upon the completion of your reservation.
[ How to Request ]
You can request awards as follows.
Telephone The ANA Mileage Club Service Center
[ How to fly using Flight Awards ]
Usage by members themselves
If you are a member using the Flight Award, please insert the ANA Card or AMC Card you used when booking your flight into the automated check-in/purchasing machine or automated check-in machine, take your copy of the ANA e-ticket, and then proceed to the security checkpoint.
The Skip Service that is a touch-based system used at security checkpoints and boarding gates when using an ANA Card equipped with IC function or OSAIFU-KEITAI® (users are required to download the mobile AMC Application.)

Usage by family members
If a family member will be using the Flight Award and you will not be present, give the passenger the 9-digit confirmation number and the reservation number you were given when booking.
When booking When booking with ANA SKY WEB, write down the 9-digit confirmation number and the reservation number that appeared on the purchase completion screen.
When checking in Enter the 9-digit confirmation number and the reservation number into the automated machine at your departing domestic airport and take your ticket. Passengers who have been assigned seats in advance will receive a 2D bar code that enables the use of SKiP Service.
* Please also present your 9-digit confirmation number and the reservation number when receiving tickets at the counter.
* Please visit the airport's ANA Ticket Counter on the day of your flight if you have forgotten your confirmation number. You will only receive tickets after we verify your identity. Please state your reservation details and present your official ID (driver's license, passport, or health insurance ID card).

* Passengers using the SKiP service for domestic flights should hold up the IC-enabled ANA Card (Edy or Suica) or 2D bar code they used when passing through the security check point to the SKiP Reader instead of using their ticket. SKiP Service
Conditions for Award Travel
Waitlisting is not offered for Domestic Flight Awards.
Premium Class Usage
Japan Domestic Flight Awards are only eligible for regular seats. Premium Class is subject to availability on the day of the flight at the airport. In this case, please pay the predetermined fee for Premium Class.
* Use of Premium Class is not applicable to the accrual of millage/premium points.
Validity of Japan Domestic Flight Awards
Japan Domestic Flight Awards are valid for 90 days from the day following the issue date.
Please be aware that the issue date of the Flight Awards will be the date requested the reservation.
Issue date Planned boarding date Ticket validity
April 10 June 10 July 9
June 1 June 10 August 30
You cannot change the segment, passenger name, or name of the person providing the miles after applying.
You can change the date and flight.
If the seasonality changes as a result of such departure date change, the required mileage must be adjusted. When the required mileage increases, the date will be changed after redeeming the difference in mileage. If there is not enough mileage to adjust the difference in value, the reservation cannot be changed. If the required mileage decreases, the difference in mileage will be refunded. However, please note that mileage cannot be refunded if the validity has expired at the time of refund. Differences between mileages cannot be adjusted other than by mileages, i.e., not by cash.
To change a booked flight, you must do so at least four days prior to the desired flight (not including the day of boarding). However, make changes before the departure date of your booked flight. Note that open tickets cannot be issued. You must book your flights. On the day you booked, you may board an earlier flight if it has an empty seat and is on the same segment.
Booked flight Desired flight Latest date for change
Sep 20 Sep 18 Sep 14
Sep 20 Sep 23 Sep 19
Sep 20 Sep 25 Sep. 20 (by departure of booked flight)
* Domestic Flight Awards will be valid only for the reserved flight except under the above conditions.
* Click here for information on changing departing/arriving airports on routes to/from Tokyo, Osaka and Sapporo.
* You cannot change your departing/arriving airport for routes to/from northern Kyushu.
Awards usage by infants/children
When an infant (under 3 years old*) is traveling using Flight Awards, he/she may use a seat by redeeming the same amount of mileage as the adult, providing that he/she is over 8 days old. On the other hand, if the infant is not using Awards, a separate ticket with child fare or various discount fares (able to hold a seat) on the same flight as the adult must be purchased, or 1 infant per 1 adult may board at no cost if an adult will share a seat and hold the infant.
* The age at the time of boarding is applicable.
infant For 1 infant (child younger than 3 years old)
He/she may travel at no cost by sitting on the lap of an adult.
infant For 2 or more infants (children younger than 3 years old)
Up to 1 infant can travel at no cost by sitting on the lap of an adult. If the number of children exceeds the number of accompanying adults, reserve a seat using same mileage as an adult, or purchase a ticket separately with child fare or various discount fares.
The same mileage as an adult is required for a child (from 3 to 11 years old) using Flight Awards.
* The age at the time of boarding is applicable.
Notes for Using Awards
* "Award User Registration* (up to 10 people)" is required for those other than the member to use the Awards. Please register through the members-only functions area on the ANA SKY WEB, or request the "Award User Registration Form" from the ANA Mileage Club Service Center. The Awards user may be asked to provide documentation proving a family relationship with the member.
* Information about Award User Registration here.
* Seats for Flight Awards are subject to availability at all times (award seats may not be available on some flights). Please note that seats may be unavailable for Awards, even if seats are available for paid tickets.
* Please note that there may be seasonal operations or cancellations (there may be cancellations even if flights are listed on the Award itinerary for each chart).
* Flight Awards are ineligible for mileage accrual.
* In the event of flight delays or cancellations, alternative means of transportation or accommodation will not be provided.
* Except for eligible cases which fall under "Award Mileage Refund Services", miles that have been redeemed once for Awards cannot be returned to the mileage account or exchanged for other Awards even if the Awards has not been used.
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