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Unavailable periods
Enjoy More Free Travel with Partner Airlines

ANA Mileage Club Flight Awards may be used for partner airlines. Enjoy free travel with global network.
Mileage required for ANA International Upgrade Awards are separated by itinerary zones, starting April 2008, new awards charts based on "distance". Details are here
Star Alliance members/Partner airlines logo *Reservation of Continental Airlines by ANA SKY WEB will be eligible from October 29, 2009.
Eligible Flights
Partner Flight Awards are eligible for use on only one airline other than ANA for non Star Alliance Member Airlines.

Two or more Star Alliance Member Airlines' flights can be used. In this case, the airlines can be combined flexibly.

Only Star Alliance Member Airlines are eligible for Round-the-World tickets.

Itinerary is valid for up to 12 sectors(4 in Japanese domestic sectors).
Awards cannot be issued for one-way travel.
Required Mileage
Miles required for awards
Miles required for Flight Awards are calculated according to the whole itinerary (total of basic miles for each segments).
*For Continental Airlines First class, required mileage will be for business class.

The required mileage for Partner International Flight Awards will be calculated using the following procedure.

[ Mileage Chart for Flight Award ](Unit = mile)
Total itinerary distance
(the sum of all basic flight segment mileages)
Economy class Business class First class
0-600 14,000 28,000 45,000
601-1,600 17,000 33,000 55,000
1,601-2,000 20,000 38,000 60,000
2,001-4,000 22,000 43,000 70,000
4,001-7,000 38,000 63,000 90,000
7,001-9,000 43,000 68,000 100,000
9,001-11,000 55,000 85,000 120,000
11,001-14,000 60,000 90,000 140,000
14,001-18,000 65,000 105,000 160,000
18,001-20,000 75,000 115,000 180,000
20,001-22,000 85,000 125,000 200,000
22,001-25,000 100,000 145,000 220,000
25,001-29,000 120,000 170,000 260,000
29,001-34,000 140,000 200,000 300,000
34,001-39,000 160,000 220,000 340,000
* The required mileage does not change depending on the season.
Application and ticketing period
[ Application period ]
Please apply between 330 days and 7 days prior to boarding (not including your day of departure).
* The starting date of the application period may differ for Shanghai Airlines.
* The application period when using only Shanghai Airlines' domestic segments within China starts 60 days prior to your departure.

[ Ticketing period ]
Ticketing will be issued upon the completion of reservations for all sections of your itinerary on which you will use awards. However, if you were informed of a ticketing period, we require the procedure to take place during that period. Please understand that if ticket is not issued during this period, your reservation will be automatically canceled.

[ Open ticketing ]
Open tickets cannot be issued.

* If any segment starting with the second one occurs prior to the application period when booking the first segment, book each one after your application is accepted.
* When applying by Internet, you are automatically signed up for a round trip. Please make your reservation 330 days prior to boarding your return flight.
Application Method
Members Only
Service hours: 24 hours
Telephone [The ANA Mileage Club Award Reservation Desk]
How to receive awards
e-Tickets are used on some routes. With an e-Ticket, there is no need for you to carry around a paper ticket. This extremely convenient system allows you to simply check in at the airport after your reservations are made.
* Ask about applicable routes when booking.
* You can receive the tickets by mail, e-mail, or at an ANA branch office (excluding airports). If sent by mail or e-mail, award tickets will only be sent to the member at the member's registered address.

Paper tickets will be issued on routes where Smart e-Tickets are not available.
Receive your tickets by mail or at an ANA branch office (excluding airports). If sent by mail, tickets will only be sent to the member at the member's registered address.
Using Smart e-Tickets
Applicable Conditions
Your entire itinerary may have no more than 4 stopovers (a stay exceeding 24 hours). (Only 1 stopover in Japan is permitted for itineraries departing from overseas. Stopovers in Japan are not allowed for itineraries departing from Japan. 2 stopovers are permitted within Europe.)Only 1 stopover is permitted for each city. Ground transportation during an itinerary is regarded as a stopover.
No stopovers or ground transportation within the country of origin are permitted on international routes (itineraries that include 2 or more countries).
In the case of Round-the-World tickets only, up to 8 stopovers are permitted between the origin and final destination. However, only 3 stopovers are permitted within Europe.
Other Itineraries
The departure airport and the final destination on the itinerary may differ, but must be in the same country. (Case 1)
Routes cannot pass through the country or region of departure en route to another destination. (Case 2)
Mileage for ground transportation segments are not included when calculating the travel mileage in the itinerary.
Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, and Denmark) are defined as the same country, and itineraries with different departure and final destination countries can be used.
You can only travel within the Asian region when using Eva Airways.
Trains and buses with a Lufthansa flight number cannot be used.
A Singapore Airlines 380 or B777-300ER First Class cabin cannot be used for this offer.
[ Round-the-World ]
You can travel eastbound or westbound, but cannot reverse direction.
Also, you must cross both the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean once.
The last international flight returning to the country of departure must be at least 10 days after the first international flight.
Reservations cannot be made via the Internet. Please contact the ANA Mileage Club Service Center.
Round the World Trip
Itineraries eligible for use with Award
Itinerary eligible for use with Award, case one
Itinerary not eligible for Flight Awards
Itinerary not eligible for Flight Awards, Case 2
Connections with Japanese Domestic Flights
Only ANA Japanese domestic flights can be used (IBEX Airlines flights cannot be used).
When connecting from ANA Japanese domestic flights (including ANA Connection) to international flights, or vice versa, the required mileage is calculated based on all segments including Japanese domestic flights. However, stopovers (stay exceeding 24 hours) in Japan are not permitted for an itinerary departing from Japan. Itineraries departings from overseas allow only 1 stopover in Japan.
Japanese domestic flight may be booked only for regular seats. Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, Virgin Atlantic, EVA Air, Jet Airways cannot be combined with other airlines.
Miles needed to fly in different classes
Only one class can be used. To use a different class within the itinerary, you can apply the mileage for the higher class to the entire itinerary. However, classes cannot be changed after issuing tickets, even by applying mileage for the higher class to the entire itinerary in which different classes are included.
Segments with First Class and Economy Class require the Award level for each boarding class. When traveling on a UA or US flights within USA, or a SA flight within South Africa with 2 classes (First Class and Economy Class) on an itinerary connecting to an international flight with Business Class, the passenger may travel in First Class by applying the mileage required for Business Class to the entire itinerary.
Waitlisting (including ANA flights) is not offered.
Awards reservations must be made for all segments. Open tickets cannot be issued.
After the application, the passenger's name and the person who redeems the mileage cannot be changed.
Once tickets are issued, alterations may only be made to the date of travel within the period of validity for the ticket. Alterations may not be made to the airline, passenger traveling, sector/leg, stopover point, route, or class. Alterations are only possible before departure of the reserved flight, and when details of the alteration are communicated during business hours to an AMC Service Center in Japan or overseas. Alterations are accepted from 330 days to 7 days prior to the desired date of travel (not including actual date of travel). It is not possible for reservations to be made on an open date of travel or waitlisted basis.
Please note that reservations are not permitted more than 330 days in advance.
Online alterations may only be made for return flights, before travel is commenced.
Awards are valid for 1 year from the date of issue.
* Mileage expiration cannot be extended even if there are blackout periods during the validity period of the Flight Awards.
"Award User Registration * (up to 10 persons)" is required for persons other than the member to use Flight Awards. Please register through the members-only functions area on the ANA SKY WEB, or request the "Award User Registration Form" from the ANA Mileage Club Service Center. The Awards user may be asked to provide documentation proving a family relationship with the member.
* Information about Award User Registration here.
Flight Awards cannot be used during blackout periods. Click here for details. Award seats are subject to availability (award seats may not be available on some flights). Please note that seats may be unavailable for Awards, even if seats are available for paid tickets.
Please note that there may be seasonal operating schedules or cancellations (even if flights are listed on the Award itinerary).
Any taxes, airport usage fees, fuel surcharges, and all other incidental charges arising in conjunction with the acquisition or use of an Award must be paid by the user. Please note that any taxes, airport usage fees, fuel surcharges, or other incidental fees necessary to issue a ticket will be charged in advance to the credit card of the member or passenger.
Please use your tickets in the order on the itinerary listed on the ticket, beginning with the departure.
Flight Awards are ineligible for mileage accrual.
In the event of flight delays or cancellations, alternative means of transportation or accommodation will not be provided.
Except for eligible cases which fall under "Award Mileage Refund Services", miles that have been redeemed once for Awards cannot be returned to your mileage account or exchanged for other Awards even if the Awards have not been used.
The "Mileage Chart" for Flight Award above is applicable whenever your itinerary includes a flight with a partner airline, even if it includes an ANA flight. Another chart may be applicable for some partner airlines. Please refer to ANA SKY WEB for the latest chart.
First class and business class Flight Awards cannot be used on some aircraft models (A380, B777-300ER, and A340-500) operated by Singapore Airlines. Please take note of this.
Flight Awards cannot be used for the Beijing-Pyongyang segment on Air China. Thank you for your understanding.
Unavailable periods
Depending on the airlines, there may not be any period set during which Awards cannot be used, however Award seats are subject to availability (Award seats may not be available on some flights). Please take note of this.
  Air China [CA]   Asiana Airlines [OZ]   SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS [SA]
  US Airways [US]   Egypt Airways [MS]   Eva Airways [BR]
Air China [CA]
China Domestic Routes (excluding Hong Kong route) 2009
All routes 9/28-9/30, 10/5-10/7
China Domestic Routes (excluding Hong Kong route) 2010
All routes 2/5-2/14,2/19-2/25,9/29-10/1,10/6-10/8
China Departures and Arrivals International Routes 2009
Australia 6/20-8/9, 12/5-12/31
Singapore, Thailand 9/28-10/2, 10/6-10/8
Japan 4/27-5/8, 8/5-8/15, 9/18-10/1, 10/4-10/10, 12/22-12/31
South Korea 9/26-10/1, 10/5-10/11
U.S. 6/15-6/30, 8/11-9/15, 9/25-10/10, 12/17-12/24
Europe 7/1-07/31, 8/21-09/30, 10/5-10/31, 12/17-12/23
China Departures and Arrivals International Routes 2010
Mainland China ⇒ Hong Kong / Taiwan
Hong Kong / Taiwan ⇒Mainland China
China ⇒ Australia
Australia ⇒ China
1/22-2/28, 7/9-7/31, 9/28-10/3
6/20-7/4, 12/8-12/31
China ⇒ Singapore / Thailand
Singapore / Thailand ⇒ China
2/11-2/14, 9/28-10/2
2/18-2/21, 10/6-10/9
China ⇒ Japan
Japan ⇒ China
1/3, 2/12-2/13, 5/4-5/5, 5/9, 8/14-8/15, 9/30-10/2
2/19-2/21, 4/29-5/2, 8/7-8/8, 10/6-10/9, 12/25-12/29
China ⇒ South Korea
South Korea ⇒ China
2/11-2/16, 9/21, 9/30-10/2
2/11-2/13, 2/18-2/21, 10/7-10/10
China ⇒ USA
USA ⇒ China
1/1-1/15, 8/11-9/15, 9/25-10/2
6/13-6/30, 10/3-10/12, 12/11-12/24
China ⇒ Europe
Europe ⇒ China
1/3-1/15, 8/21-10/1, 10/10-10/31
6/21-7/31, 10/5-10/11, 12/17-12/23
Asiana Airlines [OZ]
Route 2009
South Korea Domestic 7/17-8/23, 10/1-10/5, 12/30-12/31
U.S.A. Departures Int'l 5/15-6/30, 12/11-12/23
Other Int'l 7/17-8/18, 9/26-10/2, 12/27-12/31
Route 2010
South Africa inbound 6/1-6/30
US Airways [US]
Please see the US Airways web site for details.
Egypt Airways [MS]
Route 2009
Cairo/Alexandria=Dammam/ Jeddah/Medina/Riyadh 8/20-10/5, 10/23-12/31
Route 2010
Cairo/Alexandria=Dammam/ Jeddah/Medina/Riyadh 8/10-9/25, 10/13-12/21
Eva Airways [BR]
Route 2009
Taiwan - Hong Kong / Macau / China 6/25-7/10, 9/25-10/12
Other Asian areas 6/21-8/20, 12/15-12/31
Route 2010
Taiwan - Hong Kong / Macau / China 6/25-7/10, 9/25-10/12
Other Asian areas 1/1-1/6, 2/9-2/19, 6/21-8/20, 12/15-12/31
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