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We provide a range of amenity goods to ensure your comfort onboard. Feel free to ask cabin crew for more details.
*Amenity goods service varies depending on the route.
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Enjoy a relaxing experience up above the sky.

This bed pad is Nishikawa Sangyo's Air Cyclone® customized for the ANA BUSINESS STAGGERED seats. Turning over during sleep is easy due to the unique three-layer structure and moderate resistance. The bed pad also offers excellent breathability and comfort. And because the reverse side is slip resistant, it can be used as a seat cushion. The comforter is Bodyline Quilt that fits your body. We also introduce a structural pillow from Nishikawa Sangyo for a perfect fit from your neck to the back of your head.

Routes : Japan - North America, Europe(except Honolulu)

* New bed pads will be introduced on flights equipped with ANA BUSINESS STAGGERED seats only.

Bed pad, Comforter, Pillow

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Bed pad
We use Nishikawa Sangyo's Air Cyclone® bed pad, which has won the 2012 Good Design Award. Air comprises 96% of the bed pad, providing excellent breathability and quick-dry features. The air cushion ensures fantastic support in any positions, allowing you to feel as comfortable as if you were resting on a cloud.
Teijin's modified cross-section polyester is used for the batting of this Bodyline Quilt comforter created through the technologies of Nishikawa Sangyo. Antistatic fibers reduce static electricity, so you can rest comfortably underneath this light, warm comforter.
* The batting contains recycled PET bottle fibers that are kind to the global environment.
The pillow from Nishikawa Sangyo is concave in the center to fit perfectly from your neck to the back of your head, supporting your rest with gentle cushioning. Soft, hollow polyester cotton from Teijin is used inside the pillow for a gentle texture.
* The batting contains recycled PET bottle fibers that are kind to the global environment.
* Pajamas are available for rental. Limited stock.

Amenity kit

Please enjoy this set of amenities, featuring products from L'OCCITANE - a lifestyle brand from the ample natural world of Provence in the south of France. Shea butter, made from the nut of the shea tree, moisturizes and smooths your skin.
  • · L'OCCITANE Fabulous Serum 5ml
  • · L'OCCITANE Ultra-Rich Lip Balm 2g
In addition, the amenity set includes ANA original toothbrush and toothpaste, eye mask, earplugs, tissues and cotton pads.
Routes : Japan - North America, Europe(except Honolulu)
* Amenity kit may vary in color.

Knit wear (rental)

Knit wear
[ USA (except Honolulu) / Europe / Bangkok / Singapore / Jakarta / Mumbai / Delhi ] *Limited stock only.


Knit wear
[ Honolulu / Yangon / Ho Chi Minh City / Hanoi ] *Limited stock only.

Sleeping goods

Pillow, comforter(feather)
[ Honolulu / Bangkok / Singapore / Jakarta / Mumbai / Delhi / Ho Chi Minh City ]

Sleeping goods

Pillow, blanket
[ Yangon / Hanoi / Manila / China / Taiwan / Korea ]


slippers, shoe horn

Amenity goods

tooth brush set、 mouth wash、 face&body sheet、 eye mask、 ear plugs、 face&handcream、 mask、 comb

-ANA's Original- Aroma Cards

Aroma cards(Relax/Refresh) * The aroma cards are sleep support items good for your rest time. Feel free to choose from "Relax" or "Refresh", to suit your various needs.

Health care (rental)

foot roller * Limited stock only.

Letter set

post card, ballpoint pen, memo pad * Limited stock only.

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