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A wide selection of special meals are available for your children or to meet your specific dietary requirements.

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New Partners of "THE CONNOISSEURS" THE CONNOISSEURS -ANA Fine Dining & Bar -New partners have joined ANA's "THE CONNOISSEURS", now a team of 26 members, to provide customers original food and beverage menus onboard.Welcome to the finest dining experience, only available on ANA.

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Menu Examples: September ~ November, 2014

Japan ⇒ North America, Europe

International Cuisine
Annie Feolde,Owner Chef
Enoteca Pinchiorri
A collaboration with Enoteca Pinchiorri(Michelin 3 stars), an upscale dining facility headquartered in Florence, Italy. Enjoy the inspired selections, ranging from the main dishes of meatand fish to distinctive partnering with gourmet Ciabatta bread on the side.

Routes : Narita / Haneda ⇒ North America / Europe (except mid-night flights and Honolulu)

Japan ⇒ Asia

Local Cuisine
- Ishikawa Prefecture
ANA Japanese Chefs
ANA Original
Enjoy the menu full of local colors of Ishikawa Prefecture.

Routes : Narita / Haneda ⇒ Singapore / Bangkok / Jakarta / Delhi / Mumbai (except mid-night flights)

Japanese Cuisine [Nov only]
Shigemitsu Nishizuka, Owner
Chisou Sottaku
Savor hospitality from the heart, extravagant-free, treasuring each moment as a once in a lifetime encounter. That, in a word, is the defining theme at Chisou Sottaku.

Routes : Narita / Haneda ⇒ China / Taiwan / Manila

  • Ned Goodwin MW Master of Wine
  • Katsuhito Inoue Senior Sommelier
  • Kazuhiko Ota Japanese Sake Commentator
  • Seiichi Koshimizu Suntory Chief Blender
Ned Goodwin MWWines picked by Goodwin and Inoue will be served. From Sep to Nov, 2014, champagne "Champagne Charles Heidsieck Brut Réserve", selected by Goodwin will be served on Narita - New York Business Class.
Katsuhito Inoue
Kazuhiko OtaJapanese sake selected by Ota will be served.
Seiichi KoshimizuHibiki, meaning resonance in Japanese, is the utmost blended Suntory's whisky.
Hibiki 17 Years will be served.

Light Dishes

We invite you to enjoy light dishes whenever you want. You will find these dishes are a delicious follow-up to alcoholic beverages.

Hakata Ippudo's rich-tasting miso "Daichi" onboard from Sep, 2014.

Expanded service to include Singapore, Bangkok and Jakarta routes.

Rich-tasting miso ramen "Daichi"

No meat is used in producing these noodles. Instead, soybeans are used to create a topping with the texture and flavor of meat, making the ramen even healthier. The noodles used in the dish are also unique, as they are cut into flat strips. Savor the depth and richness of the nostalgic miso flavor.

Routes : North America (except Honolulu) ⇒ Japan, and Japan - Jakarta

Tonkotsu (pork broth) ramen "Soraton"

Savor this luscious combination of thick broth, extra-thin noodles and fragrant sesame-based oil.

Routes : Japan - Europe / Singapore / Bangkok, and Japan ⇒ North America(except Honolulu)

Rice crackers "Arare"

Enjoy the traditional Japanese rice crackers "Arare".
(Suitable for Vegetarians and are Halal Certified)

Routes : Japan - North America (except Honolulu), Europe, Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Delhi, Mumbai

Collaboration Menus on Flights Departing from Outside of Japan

To let customers from outside of Japan get to know the tastes of ANA meals at the beginning of their journeys, and let Japanese customers savor the tasty cuisine before their return to Japan, we have prepared collaboration menus with overseas chefs on flights departing from outside of Japan.

Depart from Taiwan: Collaboration Menu with "Regent Taipei"
  • Menu with the theme of Mid-autumn Moon Festival (Sep 2014 only)

Note in the image of the mid-autumn moon festival, a Taiwan symbol of a happy household, how seasonal ingredients are incorporated: main dish is shrimp in a piquant chili sauce containing the subtle tang of jiuniang (sweet rice wine) that suffuses the palate. And for an even sweeter treat, desserts are pomelo jelly, for a refreshing taste of autumn, and bite-sized Regent Taipei custard geppei moon cake, indispensable for celebrating the Moon Festival.

Routes : Taiwan (Taoyuan/Songshan)⇒ Narita/Haneda

Depart from India: Menus Created by the Prominent Chefs of India
  • Japanese-style vegetarian meal from Delhi(sample meal)
  • Chef Arun Batra(right)(Delhi)
  • Chef Satish Arora(Mumbai)

On flights departing from Delhi and Mumbai, menus are created by prominent chefs in India who have served various famous presidents and prime ministers before. Special Japanese-style vegetarian meal will be served on flights departing from Delhi.

Routes : Delhi/Mumbai⇒Narita

In-flight Meals on Business Class departing from Osaka (Kansai)

On Nov, 2014, below dishes prepared with ingredients from Kansai region will be served on Business Class departing from Osaka (Kansai).

Akashi octopus with
mustard miso vinegar
*Except Shanghai route.

Simmered "Tajima" pork in
soy-based marmalade sauce and
grilled "Kishu umedori" chicken

For the "Kobachi" component of our Japanese Cuisine, enjoy octopus from the Akashi district with a side of mustard miso vinegar sauce. For the rice, light-pickled takana mustard leaves are gently wrapped around rice balls, recreating a famed delicacy from Wakayama Prefecture.
The International Cuisine main course features pork from the Tajima area officially recognized for its excellence by Hyogo Prefecture, and "Kishu umedori" - grilled chicken exclusively raised on a diet of feed mixed with plum vinegar extract.

In keeping with dishes prepared with ingredients from the Kansai region of Western Japan, our cabin crew has selected Wagashi (Classic Japanese sweet bites) from around Japan to be served together with the Japanese cuisine.

Sep:Cha no ka (French-style green tea flavored cookie) / Oct: Piyo piyo monaka (bean-jam filled wafer) / Nov: Karaku (sweet red-bean paste inside a pound cake dough)

2014 ANA Wine Selection

The finest choice of red and white wines produced by top caliber wineries from around the world, were selected to compliment the menu in our Business Class. Enjoy popular well-balanced wines or discover new labels.

ANA's champagne "Champagne Charles Heidsieck Brut Réserve"(France) received the Silver Medal by the U.K. magazine Business Traveller's "Cellars in the Sky Awards" 2013, which recognize airlines worldwide for the best vintages served and the finest wine cellars onboard.

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