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A wide selection of special meals are available for your children or to meet your specific dietary requirements.

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The Ultimate Pleasure of Travel


Enjoy cuisine that goes beyond the realm of in-flight dining.
To ANA, "Connoisseur" is the embodiment of the ultimate host: someone with great knowledge in entertaining your palate. With the professional expertise of master chefs, beverage specialists and ANA chefs, we open new frontiers in the art of dining 30,000 feet in the sky. Welcome to the finest dining experience, only available on ANA.

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Menu Examples: June ~ August, 2014

Japanese Cuisine
ANA Japanese Chefs
ANA Original
Entertain your taste buds with the best of delicacies in Japanese Kaiseki style. Savor the delights with the selected regional brand rice in Japan.

Routes : Narita/Haneda ⇒ North America, Europe

International Cuisine (French)
Tateru Yoshino, Owner Chef
tateru yoshino
Caviar appetizers wrapped in the fine bouquet and palate of Pernod liqueur. Beef cheek braised in red wine and other noble main dishes from Tateru Yoshino — the charismatic chef and restaurant of the same name — legendary for stellar ratings in the Michelin Guide.

Routes : Narita/Haneda ⇒ North America, Europe

Japanese Cuisine (Light Meal)
Sadatoshi Nakata, Head Chef
Savor Michelin two-star rated cuisine from Sekiyou, a traditional Japanese inn nestled deep in the vintage hot springs retreat of Yugawara in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Routes : Narita/Haneda ⇒ North America, Europe

  • Ned Goodwin MW Master of Wine
  • Katsuhito Inoue Senior Sommelier
  • FUJINO "Gino" KIYOHISA "Gino" Cupping InternationalJudge (coffee)
  • Kazuhiko Ota Japanese Sake Commentator
  • Seiichi Koshimizu Suntory Chief Blender
Ned Goodwin MWWines picked by Goodwin and Inoue will be served.
Katsuhito Inoue
FUJINO "Gino" KIYOHISABlended coffee created by FUJINO will be served.
Kazuhiko OtaJapanese sake selected by Ota will be served.
Seiichi KoshimizuHibiki, meaning resonance in Japanese, is the utmost blended Suntory's whisky.
Hibiki 21 Years will be served.

2014 ANA Wine Selection

The finest choice of red and white wines produced by top caliber wineries from around the world, were selected to complement the menu in our First Class. Savor our modern cuisine with the top-class wines and experience the highest quality journey in the skies.

ANA's First Class wine selection, and port wine "Graham's 30 Years Old Tawny" received the Medals by the U.K. magazine Business Traveller's "Cellars in the Sky Awards" 2013.

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Special Beverage on boardPeriod:Jun ~ Aug, 2014

Selected beverage is available on board to accompany the dishes. Sit back and relax with the following carefully selected beverage.

Soft Drinks

Mikan Fruit Juice:"Satsuma Mandarin Juice"

A rich juice from Nihonbashi Sembikiya,Japan's most historic fruit purveyor. Harmonies of delightful sourness and silky sweetness made with"Dejima no hana,"the highest-quality"Sasebo"satsuma mandarin citrus produced in the balmy orchards of Saikai,Nagasaki.

Japanese Sake

From among the winners of Gold Medal honors at "The Fine Sake Awards, Japan 2014", an annual event convened to commend sake when served in wine glasses as well, we have selected three specific brews for your in-flight imbibing pleasure. Take advantage of a rare opportunity to savor the ample, full-rounded flavors and bouquets of these acclaimed creations. To examine or sample other award-winning brands, please drop by the ANA Suite Lounge.

Jun, 2014:KONISHI Hiyashibori Daiginjo Konishi Shuzo Fujiyama-gura (Hyogo Prefecture)

Jul, 2014:Yamatan-masamune Ginjo-shu Yagi Shuzobu (Ehime Prefecture)

Aug, 2014:Hourai Junmaiginjo Kaden-tezukuri Watanabe Shuzoten (Gifu Prefecture)

* Stock is limited. Please accept our apology if your choice is not available.

Relish flavors of the season with our chef recommended amuse along with your aperitif.

Light Dishes

We invite you to enjoy light dishes whenever you want.
You will find these dishes are a delicious follow-up to alcoholic beverages.

  • "SORATON"(pork broth)ramen
    Savor this luscious combination of thick broth, extra-thin noodles and fragrant sesame-based oil.

    Routes : Japan - Europe, and
    Japan → North America
    (except Honolulu)

  • "FURUSATO"(soy sauce)ramen
    Settle into this full-bodied shoyu ramen and experience a nostalgic taste of Japan.

    Routes : North America → Japan
    (except Honolulu)

* Stock is limited. Please accept our apology if your choice is not available.

  • *Content is subject to change without prior notice. Your choice of meal may not always be available.
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