• *Programs may be changed without notice.
  • *On some flights, some programs at the beginning and end of the month may differ from those indicated.
  • *The inflight entertainment line up varies according to the type of controller provided.


Please check ANA SKY CHANNEL Digital book for program details.

Take a look at our digital book (B767/B777/B787)

Take a look at our digital book (B737)
Take a look at our digital book (B767/B777/B787)

Take a look at our digital book (B737)
Full Digital AVOD
(*Excluding some aircraft)
On aircrafts equipped with personal monitors, customers will be able to enjoy entertainment programs, on demand, in all class of service.
For the feature film programs, choose from the latest blockbuster to special features and rare select films from around the world. The video programs are also enhanced and the line-up includes popular television series as well as art and theater contents. In addition, the audio programs offer relaxing time during the flights. Sit back and listen to our original and collaborated programs.
Please enjoy our wide range of entertainment programs and genre selections during your flights.
Digital Noise Cancelling Headphones
An object class : First Class
For the first time ever anywhere in the world (*1), digital signal headphones which cancel out background noise (Sony “MDR-NC500D”) are being provided for first class passengers on Europe and the US (with the exception of Honolulu). The automatic background noise reduction function, which selects the most suitable background noise reduction settings, helps to reduce approximately 99% (*2) of surrounding background noise, giving our customers a much more comfortable environment to watch movies or listen to music, and to enjoy other entertainment programs while in flight.

*1: According to research carried out by Sony Corporation as of March 2008. *2: Testing ratio was determined by Sony Corporation using an in-flight noise simulator.
Noise Cancelling Headphones
An object class : Business Class, Premium Economy Class
Noise cancelling headphones (Sony brand) are provided on flights between Narita/Haneda and Europe and the US (with the exception of Honolulu) and Mumbai, Yangon. Passengers on all other flights will be provided with stereo headphones.
Portable media palyer (PMP)
An object class : Business Class (B737-700,B737-700ER),
Economy Class (B737-700ER)
You are able to enjoy own entertainment Movie, Video program and Music with Portable media player with HDD.Have complete control over play back, fast-forward and pause.

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