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Special Meals
A wide selection of special meals are available for your children or to meet your specific dietary requirements.

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Enjoy cuisine that goes beyond the realm of in-flight dining.
To ANA, "Connoisseur" is the embodiment of the ultimate host: someone with great knowledge in entertaining your palate. With the professional expertise of master chefs, beverage specialists and ANA chefs, we open new frontiers in the art of dining 30,000 feet in the sky. Welcome to the finest dining experience, only available on ANA.
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In-flight Meals Created by "THE CONNOISSEURS"
Menus created by THE CONNOISSEURS are available on board. The lineup comprises popular choices of our passenger poll (held in August 2013 via Facebook and Sina Weibo), menus recommended by ANA Group employees, and original menus by ANA chefs. Savor these even more satisfying in-flight meals derived from your input and ANA.

Routes : Narita/Haneda ⇒ North America, Europe

Routes : Narita/Haneda ⇒ Southeast Asia, India

Routes : Narita/Haneda ⇒ China, Taipei(Taoyuan・Songshan), Seoul(Gimpo), Manila

Selected beverages on board

Enjoy your blissful moment with our one-of-a-kind beverages.

Red Wine "Réserve d'Éolie Cabernet Sauvignon"
A superb balance of bitterness, acidity and alcohol characteristic of red wine. A light wine suitable for daily consumption, but with a pleasant complexity with each sip.
White Wine "Réserve de La Baume Colombard-Chardonnay"
A white wine with distinctly fresh and crisp acidity. Pairing with spicy or salty and sour dishes will bring out the character of both food and wine, balancing the meal nicely.

ANA's original "Aromatic Kabosu"
"Aromatic Kabosu" is made from sun-drenched kabosu, the green citrus fruits, picked at the height of their juiciness. The fruits are grown in Oita, Japan' leading kabosu producing prefecture. Enjoy the faint sourness and sweet honey, which blend perfectly into a drink that will refresh your body and soul.

ANA's original coffee ~For those relaxing moments~
Blend coffee using 100% Arabica beans grown with love, care and the blessing of sun and soil. All beans undergo the strictest of quality control. With the perfect balance of fragrance and sharp, bitter and sweet taste, each cup offers a satisfying in-flight break.

Variety of snacks
Candies are available.
Self-service of snacks and bananas are available on North America (except Honolulu) and Europe routes.

Rice crackers "Arare"

Enjoy the traditional Japanese rice crackers "Arare".
(Suitable for Vegetarians and are Halal Certified)

Routes : Japan - North America (except Honolulu), Europe, Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Delhi, Mumbai

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