Waitlist Reservation Service

ANA Mileage Club members are eligible to apply to be waitlisted online if the preferred flight is fully booked.
We will contact you when a seat becomes available.

Waitlist Reservation Service information

This service to apply to be waitlisted online is available only to ANA Mileage Club members.

  • <Point 1>
    Requests for Waitlist Reservation Service are accepted up to 2 days before departure (or during the sales period if the fares are limited to the sales period).
  • <Point 2>
    Guests traveling with the member (of up to 6 adults and 2 infants, including the member) can also be waitlisted at the same time.

Please enroll in ANA Mileage Club to take advantage of the benefits of using the miles you can earn in various ways for a variety of awards.

Fares for which waitlisting is not available

"Value 75 Fare", "Value 55 Fare", "Value 45 Fare", "Value 28 Fare", "Value 21 Fare", "Value X Fare", and "AMC Companion Fares"
*Waitlisting will not be available on the website for Flex Roundtrip Fares.

Applying to be waitlisted

  • ・Go onto the ANA website, check seat availability and select the waitlisting option.
  • ・Please select a Flex Fare if you wish to be waitlisted for a Flex Roundtrip Fare.
  • ・If you wish to be waitlisted, make your waitlisting request for 1 sector only. Even if you wish to be waitlisted for fares requiring a round-trip itinerary (e.g., Flex Fare for ANA Card Holder), please select the applicable fare on the Seat Availability screen on the ANA website and request to be waitlisted for one sector only.
  • *If your cell phone is set to receive emails from specified domains only, make sure that it is set to receive emails from ana.co.jp.

Notification when seats becomes available

  • ・Emails will be sent to the email address entered for receiving notification emails regarding reservations. Please confirm this on the ANA website.

    Click here to confirm your reservation.

Waitlisting for Transit Discounts

The time periods for which waitlisting requests can be held are as follows:

  • ・Transit Basic Fare: Up to the payment deadline or two days prior to departure, whichever is shorter.
  • ・Transit Basic 7 Fare: Up to the payment deadline or seven days prior to departure, whichever is shorter.
  • ・Transit Value 28 Fare: Up to the payment deadline or 28 days prior to departure, whichever is shorter.

Notes on when applying to be waitlisted online

  • *You cannot add another reservation to a waitlisted record, or add a waitlisting request to an existing reservation record.
  • *When a seat becomes available, the reservation must be confirmed within 6 days, including the reservation date, or before the purchase period of the applicable fare, whichever is earlier.If the reservation cannot be confirmed within this period, it will be canceled automatically.
  • *The ticket must be paid for within 3 days, including the day you confirm the reservation.Please note that fares may have different payment deadlines depending on the type.
  • *Since seat availability may differ according to the flight and fare, please also use the Waitlist Reservation Service in addition to the Seat Availability Search.
  • * If you proceed to make a waitlisting request for a fare that requires a round-trip itinerary, such as the Flex Fare for ANA Card Holder, and a seat becomes available, please contact the ANA Domestic Reservation and Customer Service Center to combine your reservations and then make a payment. (The discounted fare will not be applied if the flights are purchased for each one way sector separately.)
  • *If you wish to cancel your waitlisting request, please go to "Change/Add/Cancel (Refund)" in the upper-left area of the top page.