Information on Domestic Flight-Baggage


How to check in baggage

Items of carry-on baggage which will not be carried on board should be checked in at the baggage counter in the departure lobby.
Note: Please proceed early through the security inspection checkpoint no later than 15 minutes prior to departure (please check-in at least 30 minutes prior to departure during summer holidays, year-end and new year holidays, and Golden Week holidays since congestion is expected.)

  • [1] Please show the 2D barcode located on your E-ticket receipt, ANA Mileage Club Card, or OSAIFU-KEITAI (digital wallet). You can use SKiP Service even if you have baggage to check-in. Please click here for details. Passengers who have connecting flights can check in their baggage. Baggage checked in for connecting flights will be routed up to 3 sectors.

  • [2] Upon receiving the "baggage claim tag", please keep it in-person until baggage pick-up at the place of arrival.

Checked baggage



Economy Class Premium Class
Star Alliance Gold members can check their baggage free of charge up to 20kg more than the standard limit
(Economy Class: 40kg, Premium Class: 60kg).
Additional charge will be applied for baggage that does not fall within the free baggage allowance.
Baggage in excess of either 32kg per piece or 100 kilograms per passenger may not be checked in.

Only if the baggage can be stowed in the cargo compartment.

Piece There is no limit to the number of bags that may be checked in if the above mentioned conditions are met.
  • * Please switch off electronic devices (excluding valuables and fragile items) in your checked baggage.
  • * When there is not enough storage space, your baggage may be sent to your destination on the next available flight or any other mode of transportation.
  • * When space is limited on ANA (Q4A) and IBEX Airlines/Oriental Air Bridge flights, we may not be able to accept baggage even if it is within the total linear dimension of 203cm. Please check the guide on maximum length by aircraft types.
  • * Children less than 3 years old who do not occupy a seat are not entitled to free baggage allowance. However, a fully collapsible stroller, carrying basket and car seat for infants/children passengers own use during travel will be accepted free of charge.
  • * We will accept your baggage after the implementation of security inspection. For security purposes, we may comfirm it again before departure.

<Additional Charge>
Baggage over 20kg (40kg for Premium Class passengers) and up to 100kg will be accepted with payment the "excess baggage charge" (Excess baggage charge will be paid for each flight).

Excess weight (Less than 1kg is rounded down) 1~10kg 11~20kg 21~30kg By 10kg
Nationwide fares (excluding some routes*) 2,500JPY 3,500JPY 4,500JPY +1,000JPY
Some routes* 1,500JPY 2,500JPY 3,500JPY +1,000JPY
* Some routes:Tokyo-Oshima/Hachijojima, and routes inside Hokkaido, Fukuoka-Tsushima/Goto Fukue/Miyazaki, Nagasaki-Tsushima/Goto Fukue/Iki, Okinawa (Naha)-Miyako/Ishigaki, Miyako-Ishigaki.

Connecting baggage from/to international flight

International baggage rule may be applied to passengers who board domestic flights using international tickets. Please check here for more details.

Bulky Baggage

We may not accept your bulky baggage even when your baggage length is under the following maximum length, according to the load condition of other checked in baggage.

The maximum baggage length for each aircraft

aircraft types maximum length
773 Boeing 777-300 400cm
772 Boeing 777-200 400cm
789 Boeing 787-9 250cm
78P Boeing 787-8 250cm
76P Boeing 767-300 300cm
32A Airbus A320 260cm
*     is codeshare carrier's aircraft.
* If your bulky baggage not accepted, you should arrange delivery service by yourself.
aircraft types maximum length
Boeing 737-800
Q4A Bombardier DHC8-Q400 180cm
CR7 Bombardier CRJ700 250cm*
CRJ Bombardier CRJ100/200 210cm*
Q82 Bombardier DHC8-Q200 160cm

* Height under 65cm and width under 105cm

Items requiring special care

Musical instruments Please click here for traveling with musical instruments.
Sporting equipment Skis, surfboards, golf bags, fishing tackle, diving equipment and other such Sporting equipment are handled like ordinary checked in items. The total weight of checked baggage exceeds 20 kilograms and up to 100 kilograms may be checked in for an excess baggage fee.
Fresh and frozen fishes Please pack them tightly so as not to leak water.
Valuables ,Fragile items
  • (1) The following valuables will not be accepted as checked baggage.
    cash/jewelry/precious metals/securities/works of art/antiques/business documents/electronic data/laptop computers (personal computers etc.) and computer accessories/cameras/digital cameras/video cameras/mobile phones/passport or ID cards/product samples/credit cards/cash vouchers/bankbooks/checks/commuter passes/keys/watches/relics/medicine etc.
  • (2) ANA will not be liable for any damage to the following fragile items, if and to the extent that the damage resulted from the inherent defect, quality or vice of the item.
    musical instruments/sports equipment (surfboard/windsurfing gear/scuba gear/bicycle etc.) /china/glass/liquor etc.
Alcohole, Beverage Please carry on fragile bottled alcohol, beverage.
* Containing not more than 70% alcohol by volume
Pets Pets, including cats, dogs and small birds may be checked in for a separate pet fee.
Please arrive to the airport "Pet Check-in Counter" early and plan on completing check-in 30 minutes prior to your departure.Please click here for details.

At the Baggage Claim

Upon arrival of destination, confirm your "baggage claim tag" . Please make sure not to pick up baggage of another person by mistake. Please hand the baggage claim tag to the clerk at the Arrivals exit gate.

Baggage Irregularities

In case of problems with your baggage (damaged baggage, missing baggage, left behind items), please click here.

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