SKiP Service

No need to check-in ! Introducing an easy way to board domestic flights in Japan.

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ANA Boarding Style
SKiP Service
By completing your payment and choosing seat assignment in advance, you will be able to board your flight without a ticket.

Eligible fare:

Premium Fare, Premium Fare(Child), Premium Tokuwari(Premium Tokuwari A), Premium Tabiwari28, One-way Fare, Child Fare, Round-trip Fare, Business Kippu, Shuttle Round-trip Fare, Tabiwari, Tokuwari and AMC Award Travel.

How to use:

Please hold one of the following medium over the scan at the security inspection checkpoint and boarding gate.
・AMC Edy Card*A・ANA Card (with Edy / Suica function)*A・OSAIFU-KEITAI(R)*B
・E-Ticket Itinerary/Receipt *C・2D bar code received through mobile phone*D, 2D bar code thorough PC*E or Passbook*F
- There are certain circumstances, such as when checking-in baggage, etc., that are ineligible for this service.
- OSAIFU-KEITAI(R) is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo.

ANA Mileage Club card