Super Eco-wari/Eco-wari

ANA's regular discounted fare "Super Eco-wari/Eco-wari" allows our customers to fly using the reasonable fare ever.

Super Eco-wari/Eco-wari


Don't miss out on a great deal! "Super Eco-wari/Eco-wari"

Japan Domestic Connection Fares Only ¥10,000~(round trip)for ANA flights within Japan!
Enjoy great savings on your next trip as below (Round trip from Tokyo)
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Check out our economy class value fare! Details can be found here.

Advantages of Super Eco-wari/Eco-wari

Advantage 1 You can get the best possible discounted price when you book. The fare fluctuates according to the estimated seat availability. So, the more seats there are, the more discounts you can get. Details Details

Advantage 2 [Prior Seat Selections] Easily choose window or aisle seat with prior seat selection. You can have seats with your family or friends together.

[Notice] [Super Eco-wari are fares with restrictions] 1. This fare may be utilized on trips that include a Saturday stay, with everyday departure except on a Sunday, and everyday arrival except on a Saturday. 2. Reservation is not changeable. If your flight date does not meet the conditions Search other fares
【Main precautions for usage】
* Purchase must be made within 72 hours of making the reservation.
* Failing to do so will result in automatic cancellation.
* The waiting list procedure for this fare differs from other fares.
Please click here for more details.
Check seat availavility and fare conditions from here.