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Take a journey of surprise, delight, and delicious flavors. Encounter these tasty experiences for the first time.
Please enjoy select meals and beverages.
* These menus will be served on and after October 29, 2017.

We offer a wide variety of menu items suitable for each meal.

Time Zone
Premium meal

Expanded lunch service time

Starting from October 29, 2017, lunch is served in Premium Class on domestic flights departing between 10:30 and 13:29 (previously, between 11:00 and 13:00).

Premium meal

Not only premium flavors, but also premium presentation

Meals presented on specially selected tableware are offered to Premium Class customers on flights between Haneda Airport and Itami, New Chitose, Fukuoka, and Naha Airports.

Premium meal

Warm your belly and comfort your heart with a hot meal on board.

In Premium Class, hot meals are served during lunch and dinner hours on flights connecting Haneda, Itami, Kansai, New Chitose, Fukuoka, and Naha Airports.

Savor the tastes of prestigious restaurants as you fly

Menus created in collaboration with renowned restaurants are available during dinner hours on flights from Haneda, Itami, New Chitose, Fukuoka, and Naha Airports.

Premium meal


Located in the precincts of Ten'onzan Gohyakurakanji Temple in Meguro, Tokyo, the Japanese restaurant Rakantei offers shojin ryori (Buddhist vegetarian cuisine) dishes, following the chef's desire to create new shojin ryori without adherence to any sect or school.

Available on flights departing from Haneda Airport during dinner hours

Premium meal

Chiso Sottaku

Chefs at Chiso Sottaku treasure every encounter with a guest as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, carefully selecting fresh, seasonal ingredients, and using traditional techniques and fine tableware to entertain their guests. They treat ingredients with the utmost respect and strive to bring out their natural flavors.

Available on flights departing from Itami, New Chitose, Fukuoka, and Naha Airports during dinner hours

Menus inspired by local cuisines

Menu items inspired by local cuisines are available on flights other than those departing from Haneda, Itami, New Chitose, Fukuoka, and Naha Airports.

Premium meal on flights departing from Akita

Meal served on flights departing from Akita Airport

The meal features teriyaki Hinai-jidori chicken, revered as one of Japan’s three tastiest local chicken brands. Enjoy the chicken’s flavor, which becomes richer as you chew, and the distinctive texture deriving from the elasticity of the meat. The meal comes with mushroom rice using Akitakomachi rice, a rice brand representative of Akita.

Provided by: Akita Airport, Terminal Bldg., Ltd., Restaurant Sora

Premium meal on flights departing from Tokushima

Meal served on flights departing from Tokushima Airport

The strong currents in the Naruto Channel allow Tokushima’s sea bream to develop the just right amount of fat. To bring out this highly regarded sea bream, Kito Yuzu citrus from Kito village in Tokushima Prefecture is used, resulting in an excellent delicacy with an elegant aroma. The chicken in the simmered item is Awaodori chicken, which is characterized by low fat, a satisfying, chewy texture, and a sweet, rich flavor.

Provided by: Sawa Food Service Ltd.

Enjoy a variety of refreshments

During light meal hours, a selection of sweets and ANA's original light meals will be served. You can also take the sweets with you to enjoy after your flight.

Please press below to see the range of light meals available up to October 28, 2017.
Premium SABO (departures from all airports)

Premium meal

Frédéric Cassel

Frédéric Cassel is a sweets boutique with its main shop located in Fontainebleau, a well-forested old town on the outskirts of Paris. Created with the finest ingredients and traditions, its delicate and refined pastries have fascinated many people around the globe.

Available on odd-numbered flights on all routes during light meal hours

Premium meal

Patisserie Yu Sasage

Behind the lovely pastel green storefront of Patisserie Yu Sasage, customers discover some 50 items, including French-style pastries and fresh cakes and baked goods, such as Swiss rolls and cream puffs, that are popular among Japanese people.

Available on even-numbered flights on all routes during light meal hours

Special Beverages on board

Sit back and relax with our carefully selected beverages.

■ Sparkling Wine

Veuve-Olivier Brut (France)
This wine imparts a citrus grapefruit fragrance, combined with a faint floral aroma. Expressing refreshing acidity, this is a fresh and fruity wine with a pleasant sparkle.

■ White Wine

Château Du Pin Blanc 2015 (Bordeaux, France)
The wine offers refreshing citric aromas of lime, lemon and grapefruit juice. This is a fresh and fruity wine with a lasting finish featuring flavors of green apple and freshly peeled orange zest.

■ Red Wine

La Vieille Ferme 2015 (Rhone, France)
This wine is nicely fragrant on the nose, showing aromas of freshly picked cherries and strawberries. It is medium-bodied with soft tannins well balanced with mild acidity. The finish picks up a light cedar hint.

Premium drink

Support for your health

Vegetable juice will be available to Premium Class customers who desire an even healthier choice. KAGOME Tsubuyori-yasai (vegetable juice) will be served between September and November.

Premium drink

* On some short-haul flights, refreshments will be served instead of meals.
* Food and drink services may be suspended depending on flight conditions.
* For domestic flights, we do not accept requests for special in-flight meals (e.g., allergen-free meals). Thank you for your understanding.
* With the exception of the sweets served during light meal hours, please do not take meals from the aircraft.
* If you must take a meal with you for unavoidable reasons, please note the storage instructions and expiration date on the label.
* All images are for illustrative purposes.

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