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Advanced Passenger Information Required for Customers entering the United States
The U.S. Government requires carriers to collect Advanced Passenger Information from passengers prior to travel. Customer's Information is collected at the time of check-in on the date of departure by swiping your passport through a reader which is sent to the Customers and Immigration Authorities.
New laws require ANA to collect additional Advanced Passenger Information that is not included in your passport.
If you travel to the USA, your address in the USA, country of residence and alien registration number (Green Card number, if applicable) are to be sent.
In order to ensure that check-in process at the airport proceeds smoothly, we will ask you to provide those information when you book your flight or purchase your ticket. If you have already booked your flight, please contact ANA Singapore Office when your contact information is set.
1. Applicable flights
  ANA operating flights arriving in the USA
From Japan   to Los Angeles
to San Francisco
to New York
to Washington, D.C.
to Chicago
to Honolulu
to Guam
2. Applicable customers
  Customer's on board the applicable flight
Exception: Address in the USA is not required for U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, or persons who are in transit to a location outside the U.S.
3. How to provide your information
- Passport Information
  (Full name, passport number, date of birth, etc.)
As usual, our staff members will collect the information at check-in on the date of departure with reader.
- Address in the USA
- Country of residence
You are strongly advised to provide all of the information when you book your flight, or purchase your ticket. To make sure that your check-in process proceeds as smoothly as possible, our staff members will enter your information in our reservation system in advance. Please note that our staff members may confirm your information that you have provided us in advance at check-in.
- Alien registration number
  (Green Card number, if applicable)
Please provide the card number to our check-in staff on your departure date.
In light of the importance of information security and the protection of personal information, ANA will protect our Customer's personal information and exert effort toward appropriate management and use of each customer's personal information.