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Shanghai Airlines (FM)

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Shanghai Airlines is a member of Star Alliance.

Shanghai Airlines
List of Partner Airlines
SHANGHAI AIRLINES (FM) decided to withdraw from Star Alliance as of October 31, 2010. ANA will terminate code-share flights with SHANGHAI AIRLINES (FM) on October 30, 2010.
(No more SHANGHAI AIRLINES (FM)/ANA code-share flights on and after October 31, 2010)

General Information

- Shanghai Airlines was incorporated in 1985 and is China's first commercial airline of multidimensional investment. The carrier joined Star Alliance in December 2007.
- Our code-share cooperation with Shanghai Airlines offers ANA customers convenient connections and services on domestic Chinese routes as well as on routes between Japan and Shanghai.

Service Cities of Code-Share Flights

- Japan-China
Shanghai(Hongqiao), Shanghai(Pudong)
- Within China
Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Xian

Service Information

Procedures and services at airports for code share flights are different depending on the flight. When using a code share flight, please note the following.
For details such as check-in close time,please contact to operated airline.

  Shanghai Airlines operated flights(FM) ANA operated flights(NH)
At the airport
At the
Check-in at the Shanghai Airlines (FM) counter. Check-in at the ANA counter.
Confirmation of flight number
The flight number of Shanghai Airlines (FM) is printed on the boarding card. Indications on the guideboard in the airport are given with both NH flight number and FM flight number or only with FM flight number. Only ANA flight numbers are used on boarding pass and guideboards in the airport.
First class and business class customers may use Shanghai Airlines lounges corresponding to their class. Business class customers may use ANA lounges corresponding to their class.
Only flight attendants of Shanghai Airlines are on-board. Only flight attendants of ANA are on-board.
Service standards of Shanghai Airlines shall apply. ANA service standards shall apply.
No smoking /
All seats are no smoking. All seats are no smoking.
Mileage Earn miles on either ANA Mileage Club or Crane Club of Shanghai Airlines (FM).
Accrual rates for ANA Mileage Club members, Please refer here.
Premium Point Premium Point is applicable for ANA Mileage Club members.
For Premium Point, please refer here.
ANA Premium Member can also enjoy the services as a Star Alliance member. See details.
* If you want to accumulate the miles to the mileage program other than ANA Mileage Club, the condition will depend on the airline's, which issue your mileage card, policy. Please contact the issuing airline to find more about the accumulating conditions and details.

Departure Terminal and Check-in Counter Information

"Terminal" here means "Departure Terminal".
As for the terminal information outside Japan, only the information to/from Japan are listed.

Airport Shanghai Airlines (FM) operated flights
Narita Terminal 1 South Wing FM counter
Haneda International Terminal FM counter
Kansai/Nagoya/Toyama Departure Terminal FM counter
Shanghai (Pu Dong) Terminal 2 FM counter
Shanghai (Hongqiao) Terminal 2 FM counter
Please check-in at the operating airlines counter, when you use a code share flight operated by other airlines.