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ANA Mileage Club Terms and Conditions As of April 1,2015

ANA Mileage Club   New Enrollment   No initial fee and no annual fee

Article 1 Purpose

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ANA) manages the ANA Mileage Club (hereinafter referred to as AMC), a membership program that provides awards in return for the use of services and products of ANA, its partner airlines, and participating program partners. These terms and conditions set out various conditions on the use of the AMC that are agreed between the members and ANA.

Article 2 Definitions

[Member] : A customer who has applied to join AMC on an individual basis and for whom the membership has been approved by ANA.
[Mile] : Mileage that members earn by using eligible services.
[Bonus mile] : Miles earned under special conditions in addition to regular miles. The use of bonus miles may be subject to restrictions.
[Mileage accounts] : Account in which miles are accumulated.
[Awards] : Products such as Flight awards and services provided by ANA or its participating program partners (including partner airlines) at a member's request for redeeming mileage.
[Flight award] : Flight tickets offered by ANA or its partner airlines as an award.
[Upgrade award] : Upgrade to a higher class of service when traveling on a flight at an applicable fare is offered as an award.
[Partner airline] : An airline that offers miles or awards to members under certain conditions.
[Participating program partners] : A company that offers miles to members who use its services and products or offers services and products as awards under certain conditions.
[Membership card] : A general term for various types of AMC card issued to members. This includes AMC cards, ANA cards, and affiliated cards.
[AMC card] : Membership card issued independently by ANA. Special features are added to some types of the card.
[ANA card] : Membership card with credit function jointly issued by ANA and its partner credit card companies.
[Affiliated card] : Membership card jointly issued by ANA and participating program partners.
[Card with IC function] : Membership card with electronic money function.
[Partner credit card company] : A credit card company that jointly issues ANA cards with ANA.
[Main card] : A main card to be used for mileage accrual or award redemption after combining multiple mileage accounts in accordance with Article 4, Clause 2 of the membership rules.
[Temporary card] : Provisional membership card used for earning mileage until membership is formally approved after applying to join AMC.
[Designated user] : Award users who are designated by a member.
[“Diamond Service,” “Platinum Service,” and “Bronze Service”] : Services offered to members who have earned a certain amount of premium points .
[ANA Mileage Club Service Center] : Information desk that handles various inquires concerning AMC, including applications for the AMC membership and awards.
[ANA Mileage Club Card Desk] : Information desk that handles applications for ANA card and various inquiries.
[ANA Card Family Mile] : By registering, ANA Card members who are residents of Japan and meet certain conditions can combine earned miles with their family who are also Members.
[AMC Family Account Service] : By registering, Members who do not reside in Japan and meet certain conditions can combine earned miles with their family who are also Members.

Article 3 Enrollment

  1. Those who have agreed to the terms and conditions, have submitted applications and passed the screening of ANA are officially accepted as AMC members. Applications for ANA card or affiliated cards will also be examined by partner credit card companies or participating program partners issuing the affiliated cards.
  2. The issuing of a temporary card, which is a provisional procedure before enrollment is completed, does not mean that ANA has officially approved the membership.

Article 4 Commencement of membership

  1. When ANA receives an application for membership and opens a mileage account for a member after screening, the membership becomes effective and a membership card will be sent to a member. If an application should be declined, the applicant will be notified of the result and mileage earned by a temporary card is treated as nonexistent.
  2. One mileage account is permitted for each member. If one member holds more than one AMC mileage accounts, ANA reserves the right to integrate/combine these accounts. Miles from the same transaction cannot be credited to more than one account. Miles that have been credited for the same transaction to more than one account will be adjusted to reflect the correct mileage accrual for the activity.
  3. One password is set for each member. The password, which confirms the member's identity, is required for using various services, including award redemption. Only the member should use the password and keep it secure. ANA cannot be held responsible for awards defrauded by one who pretends to be the member using his/her password.
  4. A member who did not set a password when applying for membership has the initial one set by ANA. When the ANA number is established, please immediately change the password. Members should be responsible for the management of their passwords by changing them as needed.

Article 5 Use of membership card

  1. A membership card is issued to a member.
  2. The ownership of membership cards belongs to ANA (and its joint issuers if there are any), and cards are loaned to members.
    When there is a signature panel on the membership card, members must sign their names in it immediately.
  3. A member's name and membership number (including a number provided by participating program partners issuing affiliated cards or partner credit card companies, hereinafter referred to as card information) are shown on a membership card. A membership card cannot be used by anyone other than the member named on the card.
  4. All claims for mileage accrual, balance inquiry and redemption must be made by the registered member in person and members may be asked to confirm their identity. Claims for mileage accrual, balance inquiry and redemption for infants or child members should be made by the parent or legal guardian.
  5. Members should use and manage their membership cards and card information with the diligence of good management. Members are strictly prohibited from lending or transferring their membership cards to others, offering them as collateral, or allowing others to use their card information.
  6. In the event of loss, theft, damage, or defacement, a membership card will be reissued at the request of the member after ANA screens and approves it. (In case of ANA card and affiliated cards, its partner credit card companies or participating program partners issuing the affiliated cards will also participate in the screening.)A set fee will be charged for reissuing the membership card.
  7. ANA (and its joint issuers if there are any) must set a special membership card title (hereinafter referred to as card name). Duplicate cards that have the same card name cannot be held by the same member. However, exceptions can be made if ANA (and its joint issuers, if there are any) agree.

Article 6 Services provided by participating program partners

  1. Participating program partners assume responsibility for all the activities including the quality, content, price and advertising of products and services that they offer, and ANA does not guarantee them. Members should use the services and products offered by the participating program partners based on their own judgment and responsibility, whether it is to earn miles or to use them as awards. ANA shall not be held responsible for these products and services.
  2. The use of flight awards or other benefits offered by program partners is subjected to the rules of each partner airline.
  3. The pooling, combining or transferring of mileage earned in different programs is not permitted. Also, the accumulated mileage may be canceled due to cancellations or refunds of the services and products offered by the partner airlines.
  4. ANA shall not be held responsible for changes in various conditions, including participating program partners' withdrawal from the AMC program, the cancellation of awards offered by them, mileage earned from using them and mileage necessary for redeeming awards.
  5. ANA reserves the right to change or terminate partnerships. However, ANA will communicate any changes or notice of partnership termination to its members at least 3 months in advance. In the event of changes in partnership, applications to use partner services will be valid for 3 months from the date of notification, according to the agreement between ANA and the respective partner. Awards which have been issued will be valid for the period stated on the award regardless of partnership termination.

Article 7 Eligibility for earning mileage

  1. Miles are earned when members travel on eligible flights of ANA or its partner airlines at eligible booking classes and fares on eligible sectors. ANA has the right to freely review standards used for mileage accrual, such as eligible airlines (partner airlines), eligible sectors, eligible regions, eligible cabin classes, eligible booking classes and eligible fares as needed.
  2. Miles are earned by purchasing products or using services offered by participating program partners. However, products and services eligible for earning mileage are restricted to ones designated by the partners. Members may be required to join the customer programs of participating program partners in order to convert the program points to miles. Program partners can freely review products and services eligible for earning mileage as needed.

Article 8 Methods for earning mileage

  1. Miles will be based on the ticketed booking class which are paid, not the actual class flown. In case of a downgrade, miles will be based on the actual boarding class. Members may not earn miles unless they travel the entire flight segment that they booked. Miles may not be accrued depending on the type of fares.
  2. Miles can only be earned once per flight per member, regardless of the number of seats purchased. Miles are credited to members who have actually traveled on the eligible sector.
  3. Mileage accumulated in one flight will be credited to only one account and not to any other accounts.
  4. Unless otherwise specified, members who earn miles or points in the customer programs of participating program partners cannot earn AMC miles at the same time.
  5. Miles are credited when they are recorded in the members' mileage accounts. Miles cannot be redeemed until they are recorded in the mileage accounts.
  6. In the event that miles were not automatically recorded in mileage accounts, members can claim these miles based on the method designated by ANA.
    (Members must be enrolled in AMC at the time of boarding the fight and the claims must be made within 6 months from the date of boarding or transaction in order to be eligible for earning miles.)However, retroactive registration may not be accepted or requesting period may vary depending on the partner companies.
  7. Members who have an objection to the mileage which have already been credited must make a claim to the AMC service center within 6 months from the date of travel or transaction. Members may be requested to submit proof of travel in the relevant sector (including the retained segment of the boarding pass and passenger receipt for the sector claimed to have been flown).
  8. Miles are calculated based on the flight mileage chart prepared by ANA according to the distance between the departure city and the destination city.
  9. Children (3 to 11 years old for domestic flight, 2 to 11 years old for international flight) may earn the same amount of mileage as an adult (12 years or older), excluding promotional bonus miles. When a child is redeeming an award, the same amount of mileage as an adult will be deducted.
  10. When an infant (under 3 years old for domestic flight and under 2 years old for international flight) is traveling on infant fare, mileage will not be accumulated. When an infant is redeeming flight award or upgrade award, the infant may hold a seat by redeeming the same amount of mileage as an adult. Infants traveling on an upgrade award must hold a valid ticket purchased in the applicable class at an eligible fare.
    On the other hand, if an infant is not using the award, but is accompanied by an adult using a flight award or upgrade award, infant fare (unable to hold a seat) or child fare (able to hold a seat) ticket in the same class as an adult must be purchased.
  11. Members can earn mileage and redeem awards from the participating program partners by providing their membership numbers when they purchase products or use services offered by them.

Article 9 Combining mileage

You cannot share or combine earned miles with other Members, or transfer miles to other Members. However, as a Benefit of the ANA Card Family Mile and AMC Family Account Service, you can combine earned miles with registered family members only when using the award. In addition, if the Member passes away, their designated heir can complete the prescribed procedures to inherit the valid miles remaining in the Member's account.

Article 10 Mileage validity

Mileage is valid until the end of the 36th month counting from the month a service or a product was used to earn miles. ANA is not responsible for exprired mileage.

Article 11 Users of awards

Awards may be used by members and designated users, although some awards are excluded. However, designated users are limited to member's spouse and family members within 2 generations (family members of the relation in the second degree). There are certain restrictions that apply to the designated users, and advance registration is required when redeeming awards. ANA is entitled to ask member and designated award users to provide documentation proving a family relationship.

Article 12 Applying for awards

  1. Only members are eligible to apply for the awards. Members must also apply for the awards even if they are to be redeemed by the designated users.
  2. When redeeming awards, members are asked to confirm their identity. If the member's identity cannot be confirmed, the application for awards will be rejected.
  3. All information and awards will be sent to the address registered with the AMC by the member. Members must notify the AMC Service Center regarding any changes to the registered address or personal information. In the case of ANA cards and affiliated cards, members should notify these changes to the credit card companies or the participating program partners issuing the affiliated cards. If this notification is not completed, ANA is not responsible for failing to communicate important information, failing to deliver awards, or loss to the member in terms of mileage credit.

Article 13 Restrictions on award use

  1. Flight awards and upgrade awards may be subjected to restrictions, such as blackout periods and limited seat availability. Some flights may not be available. ANA cannot be held responsible for refunds, conversion of awards to mileage credit or extensions of validity due to the above restrictions.
  2. Once the flight awards and upgrade awards have been redeemed, the names of the passenger and the mileage provider cannot be changed.
  3. Flight awards cannot be combined with upgrade awards.
  4. When using flight awards or upgrade awards, members may be asked to confirm their identity. Members should carry their membership cards and identification documents. Members whose identities are not confirmed may not be allowed to use the awards.
  5. Members or designated users are not permitted in any way to transfer awards to a third party, resell them or exchange them for profits. Awards have no cash value and are void if sold, purchased, brokered, or bartered.
  6. Awards with a set expiration date should be used within their period of validity.
  7. Members should check various restrictions and conditions on the use of awards prior to using them.

Article 14 Lost or stolen awards

ANA is not responsible for reissuing any of the awards offered by AMC to its members for reasons of loss or theft. ANA is also not responsible for reimbursement to its members who are unable to use their awards due to delivery delay, loss or other accidental damage.

Article 15 Mileage refund

Apart from awards that are eligible for the Mileage Refund Service, mileage cannot be refunded to the account of members or designated users for awards that were not used or be exchanged for another award. ANA cannot be held responsible for award refunds in the event that a member was unable to use the award, provided, however, that routes were not altered due to company's circumstance.

Article 16 Taxes, user fees and incidental expenses

Taxes, airport fees and any incidental expenses arising from the acquisition and use of awards are the sole responsibility of the user.
Any taxes, airport charges or expenses incurred in issuing the award must be paid in advance.

Article 17 Transferring to partner flights

In the event of flight delays, cancellations or other irregularities, ANA is not required to transfer members or designated users traveling on flight award tickets onto a partner flight.

Article 18 Handling of submitted documents

ANA reserves the right to manage and dispose documents submitted to the AMC Service Center, and these documents are not returnable. Please send the original document after making copies of any necessary documents for your record.

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