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ANA Easy Travel for Kids [International Flight]

We offer assistance for children 5 to 11 years of age traveling alone to ensure they are taken care of during their travel.

ANA Easy Travel for Kids

Offering ANA Easy Travel for Kids to assist children* 5 to 11 years of age traveling alone on international flights from departure to all the way to arrival.

  • * This service applies to only to ANA operated flights. For code-share flights, please check with the operating carrier.
  • * If you wish to request assistance for a child who is 12-16 years old, ANA will offer ANA Airport Support.
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  • FAQ
What age of children may travel alone as Easy Travel for Kids?
Children ages 5 through 11 may travel alone.
What happens if there is indication that my child's flight might divert to other destination due to bad weather?
If there is indication that your child's flight may disrupt flight schedule, for your child's security, we are not able to accept your child.
Do you require any documents to be filled out for this service?
The parent or guardian will be asked to complete forms at the airport.
When should we complete check-in by?
We would like to ask you to complete check-in by 120 minutes prior to departure.
Do parents or guardians need identification when sending off and picking up their child?
We do ask for identification for the safety and security of your child. For guardians other than relatives, please ensure to bring formal identification with them.
Do you accept any kinds of fare for carriage of children traveling alone? Award ticket can be accepted?
Children discount fare cannot be used for children traveling alone. Adult fare will be applied. We accept to carry your child with award ticket.

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