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Change in Mileage Accrual for ANA Hotels
Information Regarding the Change in Mileage Accrual for Hotel Stays
From April 1, 2007, the mileage accrual for ANA Hotels has changed.
Regarding the operations of hotels by ANA, in compliance with a joint partnership with the Inter Continental Hotels Group, the changes in mileage accrual for ANA Mileage Club members will be effective for stays after April 1, 2007.
For mileage accrual, enrollment in InterContinental Hotels Group's loyalty program, "Priority Club Rewards" is required. (No enrollment fees)
- When enrolling or prior to your stay, please select ANA Mileage Club as the desired mileage accrual. Then at the time of check-in, please display your Priority Club Rewards card. AMC miles will be automatically accrued.
- Accrual is possible in the form of Priority Club points or AMC miles.
  Lodge miles cannot be accrued by just displaying your ANA Mileage Club card.
Hotel Stay: For every stay, accrue 300~500 AMC miles (base miles).
- For Gourmet miles and Wedding miles, please display your ANA Mileage Club card.
Enroll in Priority Club Rewards
Information Regarding Mileage Accrual (from April 1, 2007)
Hotel Name Hotel Stay Restaurant Wedding
Lodge Miles Gourmet Miles Wedding Miles
ANA Hotel Wakkanai 300 -
ANA Hotel Sapporo 500 -
ANA Hotel Kushiro 300 -
ANA Hotel Chitose 500 -
Hakodate Harbor View Hotel 300 -
Bandai Silver Hotel(Niigata) 300 -
ANA Hotel Toyama 500
ANA Hotel Kanazawa 500
ANA Hotel Narita 500
The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo 700*
Hotel Gran Court Nagoya 300
ANA Hotel Kyoto 300
ANA Hotel Osaka 700*
ANA Gate Tower Hotel(Osaka) 300
ANA Hotel Okayama 300 -
ANA Hotel Yonago 300
ANA Hotel Hiroshima 500
ANA Hotel Ube 300 -
ANA Hotel Clement Takamatsu 300 -
ANA Hotel Matsuyama 300 -
ANA Hotel Hakata 500
ANA Hotel Oita Oasis Tower 300 -
ANA Hotel JR Huis Ten Bosch 300
ANA Hotel Nagasaki Glover Hill 300
ANA Hotel Kumamoto Newsky 300
Manza Beach Hotel & Resort 700* -
Laguna Garden Hotel (Okinawa) 300
Okinawa Harbor View Hotel 500
ANA Hotel & Resort Ishigaki(Okinawa) 700* -
ANA Hotel Grand Castal Seian 300 -
ANA Hotel Vienna 300 -
Accrue 500 base miles and 200 bonus miles when you stay at hotels marked with * (for stays from the period of April 1, 2007 to March 31, 2008).
Information Regarding Use
[Lodge Miles]
* To accrue AMC miles, you must be enrolled in Priority Club Rewards.
(ANA card and ANA Mileage Club card members are required to enroll in Priority Club Rewards)
* AMC miles will be accrued for each stay (not for each night stayed).
* To accrue AMC miles, please select ANA Mileage Club as the desired mileage accrual prior to your stay.