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Japanese Mobile Phone Rental Service
Service provided by Mobell Communications Ltd.
Japan operates on a different mobile phone network to the UK, therefore, your UK phone will not work whilst you are there. Our service aims to solve this problem by offering reduced rental charges on our Japanese phones to ANA customers.
Your phone will be delivered free of charge to your desired UK address before you travel. We also offer a free collection service on your return. English and Japanese speaking support is available from either our UK or Tokyo offices.
how it works
1    Please print out and complete the application form , then fax it to Mobell on 01543 426126.
Alternatively, telephone orders can be accepted.
Please order 4 working days before your flight to gain free delivery.
2 Mobell will call you to confirm your delivery instructions and take your credit card number .
3 Mobell will then fax you the rental agreement for you to sign and fax back. The phone will be delivered to your requested address.
4 On your return from your trip, call Mobell on 0800 24 35 24 to arrange collection of the phone.
Rental charges
FIRST CLASS £ 2 per day
call charges
Incoming Free
Inland (local & national) £ 0.35 per minute
Japan to UK £ 0.80 per minute
Other international calls £ 1.55 per minute
Mobell will take credit card payment for requested insurance cover and proposed rental period before your phone is dispatched. Once informed by the Japanese network, all call charges will be debited directly from your credit card. Statements will be produced twice a month and will detail all your payments. All call charges will be accompanied by itemised bills.
Your rental phone   Sony Ericsson
One of the latest, stylish Japanese phones
connected to an all-digital network
with the usual hi-tech features.

Dimensions  47 x 89 x 22mm
Weight 104g with battery

Li-Ion DC 3.7v 700mAh

Standby time 250 hours
Talktime 160 minutes
We also include Universal 110 - 240v ac charger
Bi-Lingual user guide
Carry Case
Return Instructions
Mobell Communications Ltd.
Tel: 0800 24 35 24 Fax: 01543 426126
E-mail: anabell@mobell.com