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Virgin ANA Round the World Fare

Travel in style with the Virgin ANA "Round the World" fare. Designate destinations in accordance with the finer things in life. Fashion, history and cuisine await you when you travel with Virgin Atlantic and ANA on your own "Round the World" adventure.

[ Notice ]
Valid for tickets issued on/before September 30, 2010.
Tickets issued on/before September 30, 2010 are valid after October 1, 2010 within duration of stay.

Travel commencing from U.K.
Business / Upper Class £ 3,869 + Taxes
Economy / Coach Class £ 1,339 + Taxes
* For travel originating outside of U.K. / U.S.A. / Japan, the fare must be converted from fares ex.USA into the currency of travel origin.
(ex. Travel originating from Hong Kong / economy class - 3,800 USD shall be converted to HKD.)
- Above fares do not include fuel, security and insurance surcharges, government imposed taxes and fees
Surcharges, Taxes & Fees
(Travel commencing from U.K.)
Travel Pattern
"Round-the-world" travel to ANA operating and Virgin Atlantic Airways' destinations, flying once over the Pacific and once over the Atlantic, and returning to your point of departure.
You cannot travel through your original point of departure.
You must return to your original country of departure.
Travel must be in a continuous global direction around the world, either eastbound or westbound. Backtracking is not permitted.
Business Class and Economy Class Round The World travel Open Jaw is permitted.
Open-jaw is permitted only
a. Within USA/Caribbean
b. Within Europe (U.K. and cities listed in the following list)
c. Within Japan
(Open-jaw: itinerary involving surface transportation)
Participating Airlines
All Nippon Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways
bmi (specific routes only*)
* Permitted Side Trips to/from London
Business or Economy class side trip to/from London on bmi services is permitted at the following add-on amounts:
Between London (LHR)
One-way Add-on on bmi
Business Class Economy Class
Manchester (MAN) / Edinburgh (EDI) /
Glasgow (GLA) / Belfast City (BHD) /
Dublin (DUB) / Aberdeen (ABZ) /
£ 150 £ 59
Premium Economy service is available to passengers who have purchased an Economy Class Round the World fare ticket upon payment of £ 215 per sector on services of Virgin Atlantic Airways. Children and infants occupying a seat pay the full Premium Economy surcharge.
Note: London-Sydney v.v. is specified as two (2) sectors.
Child / Infant Discounts
Child fare: 75% of applicable Adult fare
Infant fare: 10% of applicable Adult fare
(The child fare applies when an infant aged under 2 occupies a seat)
Period of Validity
One year from the day of departure. A minimum of 10 days must elapse before your return.
Not more than one international departure and not more than one international arrival is permitted in USA and in Japan. Only one transfer outbound and one transfer inbound permitted within Japan to/from International gateway. Up to three (3) transfers are permitted in any one city.
The itinerary must include a minimum of two (2) stopovers. Only one (1) stopover is permitted in any one city.
Ticket Purchase
All sectors must be purchased 14 days prior to departure.
Up to purchasing ticket, the first international sector must be booked. Second and subsequent sectors can be open.
Reservations (date change)
The first international flight cannot be changed. For other portions of the itinerary, travel date may be changed without a charge.
Reservations (re-routing)
The first international flight cannot be changed. For other portions of the itinerary, re-routing is permitted at no charge if changes are made more than 14 days before departure. US$100 charge will apply to each change made less than 14 days before departure. After departure, only one change is permitted at no additional charge. US$100 charge will apply to each additional change. Change from Economy Class Round the World fare to Business Class Round the World fare is not permitted after issuing tickets.
Before departure, 10% penalty will apply. After departure, the amount refunded will be calculated by deducting the normal airfares of the portions flown from your "Round the World" Fare less 10% penalty.
Reservations and Inquiries:

ANA European Customer Service Centre