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Package Tours
"ANA Value Vouchers" may be used to purchase ANA Sky Holiday (domestic tour package), ANA Hallo Tour (international tour package).
ANA Value Voucher can be used at “ANA SKY HOLIDAY" and “ANA HALLO TOUR" reservation center listed below and “ANA Sales Counters".
* Other travel agencies will not be able to handle.
Eligible Products
"ANA Value Vouchers" may be used for ANA SKY HOLIDAY (domestic tour packages) purchase or ANA HALLO TOUR or ANA WONDER EARTH (international tour packages) purchases.
* Normal flight miles are accrued even when tour packages are paid by "ANA Value Vouchers."
Reservation[ANA SKY HOLIDAY reservations & information Center]
+81-3-6251-8600 (9:30-18:00 except Year end and New Year Holidays)
Reservation[ANA HALLO TOUR (overseas) reservations]
+81-92-720-8353 (9:30-18:00 except Year end and New Year Holidays)
Reservation[ANA WONDER EARTH reservations]
Domestic in Japan Tour
+81-3-6251-8710 (9:30-18:00 except Year end and New Year Holidays)
Overseas Tour
+81-92-720-8356 (9:30-18:00 except Year end and New Year Holidays)
* Online reservations can only be paid for via credit card or ANA SKY COIN if there are less than 28 days before departure (35days for Hallo Tour).
* Reservations by phone are accepted up to 25 days before your preferred departure date.
* Reservation must be made after receipt of “ANA Value Vouchers”.
* ANA Value Vouchers cannot be used in some cases such as special offer products. For details, please contact the Reservation and Information Centers.
* Applications are accepted during specified periods, so please refer to each travel pamphlet.
* ANA Value Vouchers are only accepted at the above desk.
Payment and receipt of travel itinerary

Customers applying by telephone
After applying, mail the "ANA Value Vouchers" to the specified address within the period specified at the time of reservation via registered mail. Upon receipt of "ANA" Value Vouchers" and payment, “travel itinerary” and other items necessary for the trip will be sent.

The fare difference may be paid with cash, ANA gift vouchers, ANA travel vouchers, if the amount of your "ANA Value Vouchers" is insufficient.
* The ANA Card Discount Award will not be applied. Also, the combined use of various discounts such as the Shareholders Special Discount is not possible. Please take note of this.
* Change cannot be returned if the amount of the "ANA Value Vouchers" is exceed the tour fare.
Reservation changes

Changes to the package tour you have applied for may be accepted once only within the valid period of the "ANA Value Vouchers."

If the product redeemed with "ANA Value Vouchers" is not used, in addition to the normal refund given for the cost not paid with "ANA Value Vouchers," a "Travel Reuse Voucher" will be issued in cases in which a balance remains after the cancellation fee has been deducted from the value of "ANA Value Vouchers."
* A "Travel Reuse Voucher" may only be used once during the validity period of the "ANA Value Vouchers." Please be advised that "Travel Reuse Vouchers" cannot be reissued under any circumstances.
* The portion of the product cost paid using "ANA Value Vouchers" will not be refunded in cash or with "ANA Value Vouchers." The mileage redeemed for "ANA Value Vouchers" cannot be returned to your mileage account.
* In case of flight or tour cancellations due to aircraft failure,ANA Value Vouchers ?will be returned, in addition to the normal refund for payment in cash or?credit card. In case of flight or tour cancellations due to vad weather,we will issue a Travel Reuse Voucher.
* "ANA Value Vouchers" can be used to pay for change and cancellation fees. However, if cancellation fees exceed the value of the ANA Value Vouchers, the difference will be deducted from the amount paid by cash or credit card. Contact ANA for more information.