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General Information

- Air Japan (NQ) is a member of ANA Group. Air Japan is a airline company for international regular flights operating since Jan. 1, 2001. Air Japan succeeded the operation of a airline company for international non-regular flights founded in 1990.

Service Cities of Code-Share Flights

- Japan-Hawaii

Service Information

Services for codeshare flights are provided by the operating carrier as shown below. When using a code share flight, please note the following.

In addition, terms and conditions of the operating carrier will apply to specific items. For details, please contact the operating carrier directly.

  Air Japan operated flights(NQ)
At the airport
At the
Check-in at the ANA counter.
Confirmation of flight number
The ANA (NH) flight number is printed on the boarding card. Indications on the guideboard in the airport are given with only the NH/NQ flight numbers.
Business class customers may use lounges.
Only Air Japan (NQ) flight attendants are on-board.
ANA (NH) service standards shall apply.
No smoking /
All seats are no smoking.
In-flight meal
ANA (NH) service standards shall apply.
Mileage Earn miles on ANA Mileage Club.
Premium Point Premium Point is applicable for ANA Mileage Club members.
For Premium Point, please refer here.

Departure Terminal and Check-in Counter Information

"Terminal" here means "Departure Terminal".
As for the terminal information outside Japan, only the information to/from Japan are listed.

Airport Air Japan operated flights(NQ)
Narita Terminal 1 NH counter
Haneda International terminal NH counter