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   Introducing our AMC Participating Vendors
New York Area "ONIGASHIMA"

Serving quality Japanese food in Midtown Manhattan since 1996

Introducing our AMC Participating Vendors, in this month we visited "ONIGASHIMA" restaurant in New York. ONIGASHIMA opened its business in 1996, serving SOBA and UDON noodles. In September 2003, they remodeled the restaurant and added a new menu catering to both Japanese and non-Japanese in New York. They also offer more reasonable pricing so that anybody can come in and enjoy a fine meal without worrying about the wallet. Other than serving SOBA, UDON noodles and Sushi, a variety of side dishes are available to make dining at ONIGASHIMA more fun and enjoyable.
Hours Lunch : Mon.-Sun. 11:30AM - 3PM
Dinner : Mon.-Fri. 5PM - 11:30PM
Sat., Sun., Holidays. 5PM - 10:30PM
Location 43-45W. 55th Street, New York, NY 10019
Phone 212-541-7145
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