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YANK SINGSan Francisco Area: Yank Sing

This month, we will be introducing Yank Sing, which ranks in the Top 100 San Francisco Bay Area Restaurants.

Two of its restaurant locations in San Francisco are conveniently located near hotels and tourist attractions. The name “Yank Sing” means “City of the Ram” and is a synonym for the City of Guangzhou (or Canton), the capital of Guangdong Province in China. Guangzhou is renowned throughout China for its deem sum (dim sum), generic name for style of cuisine comprised of hundred of bite-sized delicacies. Yank Sing seduces the palate of all ages and provides an accommodating atmosphere for all types of functions whether it is business or pleasure.

More Details
Rincon Center
Hours Mon.-Fri. 11AM – 3PM / Sat., Sun., Holiday 10AM – 4PM
Location 101 Spear St. (between Mission and Howard), San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone (415) 957-9300
“Validated Parking is available daily”
Stevenson Street
Hours Mon.-Sun. 11AM - 3PM
Location 49 Stevenson Street (between 1st and 2nd), San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone (415) 541-4949
“Validated Parking is available during weekends”
  Banquets and private functions available in the evenings at both locations.
Please contact Ms. Joy Li for more information at (415) 957-9889.
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