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The U.S.A : KDDI America, Inc.

KDDI America is now providing its nationwide cellular service, KDDI Mobile, for those who live in the United States. KDDI Mobile offers many unique features to its customers: the lowest international calling rate to Japan, no deposit required with passport and credit card, and 24/7 bilingual customer support in Japanese and English. There are a variety of monthly plans including “Unlimited Nights and Weekend Plan”, “Simple Plan”, and “Family Plan” to provide the best suitable plan to each customer. KDDI Mobile’s customers can use their anytime minutes to call Japanese land phones free of any additional charges (*after all anytime minutes are used, additional charges apply). Using a KDDI 6600J (Japanese compatible model), customers can enjoy browsing Japanese websites and exchanging text messages in Japanese with their friends.
Limited Time Offer – All Nippon Airways 1000 bonus miles for those who apply for KDDI Mobile by the end of August 2008

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Address 825 Third Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10022
Telephone Number 1-877-533-4117
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