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Kagura Restaurant Kagura

Kagura is a Japanese restaurant that opened in September 2008.
The savory and delectable fillet and the sirloin cutlet are highly recommended at this restaurant as they are prepared in the same manner as the popular and long-established restaurant, “Katsushin” located in Kanda, Japan. Kagura also boasts a wide variety of Japanese sake and shochu that customers can enjoy with their meals.

Customers can enjoy their meals in a semi-private room that is created with a room partition or in the spacious dining room where business meetings and large parties can be seated together. The shochu bar also provides a comfortable atmosphere for single customers.

For a detailed menu, click here.

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Address 1652 Cabrillo Ave.
Torrance, CA 90501
Phone 310-787-0227
Fax 310-787-0227
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