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Fly to Delhi! Narita=Delhi route

ANA expands its Asian network.

Fly to Delhi! Narita=Delhi route!

Schedule (October 27, 2013 - March 29, 2014)

NH917 Narita 5:20PM → Delhi 12:20AM(+1)
NH918 Delhi 1:25AM【!】 → Narita 12:50PM

Flight Schedule from U.S.A. (October 27, 2013 - March 29, 2014)

U.S.A. Delhi

U.S.A. Tokyo (Narita) Tokyo (Narita) Delhi
New York 11:15AM NH0009 Tokyo (Narita) 3:25PM(+1) Tokyo (Narita) 5:20PM NH917 Delhi 12:20AM(+1)
Washington D.C. 11:20AM NH0001 3:25PM(+1)
Chicago 10:45AM NH0011 3:00PM(+1)
Seattle 12:05PM NH1077 3:45PM(+1)
San Francisco 11:10AM NH0007 3:25PM(+1)
San Jose 11:45AM NH1075 4:10PM(+1)
Los Angeles 11:30AM NH0005 4:25PM(+1)

Delhi U.S.A.

Delhi Tokyo (Narita) Tokyo (Narita) U.S.A.
Delhi 1:25AM【!】 NH918 Tokyo (Narita) 12:50PM Tokyo (Narita) 4:45PM NH1010 New York 3:15PM
11:10AM NH0002 Washington D.C. 9:40AM
5:30PM NH1012 Chicago 2:05PM
5:40PM NH1078 Seattle 9:45AM
5:20PM NH0008 San Francisco 9:30AM
5:35PM NH1076 San Jose 10:10AM
5:05PM NH0006 Los Angeles 9:50AM

* The flight schedule is subject to change without prior notice.

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