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Twice daily from New York to Tokyo (Narita)!

ANA offers a complimentary limousine car service for passengers flying First class or Business Class on NH1009

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Flying twice a day between New York and Tokyo

Mid-day departure & Morning arrival flight Schedule
Evening departure & afternoon arrival flight Schedule

Flight schedule and operating aircraft are subject to change without prior notice.

A complimentary limousine car service available for passengers flying First class or Business class on NH1009.

Flight Schedule <March 30, 2014 - October 25, 2014>

New York departure 6:05PM → Narita arrival 9:00PM (+1)
Narita departure 4:40PM → New York arrival 4:25PM
  • *The flight schedule is subject to change without prior notice

Making connections to Asia more convenient! <March 30, 2014 - October 25, 2014>

Take advantage of more same day connections when you depart on NH9 and return back on the additional flight, NH1010!

New York→Tokyo
New York 12:30PM NH009 3:25PM(+1) Narita 5:20PM NH949 8:55PM Manila
6:10PM NH911 9:55PM Hong Kong
5:20PM NH955 8:10PM Beijing
6:10PM NH921 8:15PM Shanghai
5:25PM NH947 10:20PM Chengdu
5:20PM NH933 9:10PM Guangzhou
Tokyo→New York
Manila 9:30AM NH950 3:00PM Narita 4:40PM NH1010 4:25PM New York
Hong Kong 9:40AM NH912 3:00PM
Beijing 8:30AM NH956 1:05PM
Shanghai 10:15AM NH922 2:15PM
Chengdu 9:05AM NH948 3:25PM
Guangzhou 9:10AM NH934 2:40PM
  • *The flight schedule is subject to change without prior notice

【NH1009 Exclusive】 Narita Arrival Limousine Car Service

ANA offers a complimentary limousine car service to passengers traveling on flight NH1009 in First class or Business class.

Eligible Period
Boarding from April 1, 2014 to September 30, 2014 (Narita arrival until October 1, 2014)
Eligible Passenger
passengers who purchased First class or Business class tickets issued in North America
Eligible Class
Revenue tickets issued in North America (some exceptions)
The complimentary limousine car service is limited to the following booking classes
First Class: F/A
Business Class: J/C/D/Z (P class is not eligible)
Eligible Flight
* ANA expanded its service to include the codeshare flight (UA9668) as an eligible flight for requests made on/after April 28, 2014.
How to Use the Service
1.Book NH1009 in the eligible booking class through ANA's North America website, Customer Service Center, the Americas, or Any Travel agency.

2.Book the Limousine Car
Narita Arrival Limousine Service Desk
1-800-262-9266 (If calling from 50 states and Canada)
1-310-782-3011 (If you are calling from other than the areas above)
* Please advise the representative that you are calling to make a reservation for Limousine Car

Business Hours:  9:00AM - 7:00PM (East Coast Time) Sat/Sun/Holidays: Closed

  • -Please advise the passenger's name, boarding date, and reservation number to the representative
  • -Please be sure to book at least 2 business days prior to your boarding date on NH1009
    * Ex) If you are departing on Monday, please book your limousine by Thursday.
    If you are departing on Tuesday, please book your limousine by Friday.
3.Meeting Location for the Limousine car Service Upon Arrival
Please arrive to the ANA Information Counter within 1 hour upon flight arrival. The driver will escort you to the limousine car.
■Narita Airport: Passenger Terminal 1, South Wing Arrivals 1st Floor, ANA Information Counter
Narita Terminal 1 South Wing
International Flight Arrivals 1st Floor
4.Service areas which do not incur an extra charge
Tokyo: the 23 wards of Tokyo / Machida City / Hachioji City / Musashimurayama City, etc.
Kanagawa Prefecture: Yokohama City / Fujisawa City / Kamakura City / Yokosuka City, etc.
Chiba Prefecture: all areas within Chiba Prefecture
Saitama Prefecture: Saitama City / Kawagoe City / Koshigaya City, etc.
Ibaraki Prefecture: Takahagi City / Hitachioota City / Mito City / Tsukuba City, etc.
  • -Award tickets are not eligible for this service.
  • -In order to use this service, reservations must be made in advance.
  • -Drop off is limited to a single location for this service.
  • -Any additional charges resulting beyond the complimentary service will be the passenger's responsibility. For a list of locations which do not incur an extra charge, please refer to the chart above.
  • -Should there be an extra charge, please provide payment to the driver. Only cash payments can be accepted.
    *Passenger shall be responsible for toll charges resulting from use of the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line.
  • -The service is only available from Narita airport and it is non-transferable for other airports.
  • -For more details regarding the exact rates to your destination, please contact the limousine car company listed below.

Narita Airport (Manzaki Kotsu) TEL. 0476-22-7964 (To call from the U.S. 011-81-476-22-7964)
The limousine car type is a Crown Cedric. Limousine car types cannot be selected.
*Please note that the limousine car type is subject to change.
There are limitations to the number of limousine cars. In the event a limousine car cannot be arranged, a taxi service will be provided instead.

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