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Seattle=Tokyo route operate daily

By popular demand, we will expand our capacity by introducing Boeing 777-300 on/after May 6, 2015.

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Seattle-Tokyo operate daily on the Boeing 777-300 on/after May 6, 2015

Flight Schedule March 29, 2015 - October 24, 2015

NH177 Seattle 12:40PM → Narita 3:00PM (+1)
NH178 Narita 5:30PM → Seattle 10:50AM

* Flight schedule and operating aircraft are subject to change without prior notice.

ANA's Seattle to Tokyo route makes seamless, same-day connections to/from Asian destinations possible.

Connections to Asian Destinations (March 29, 2015 - October 24, 2015)

  Departure Flight No Arrival Departure Flight No Arrival  

⇒ NARITA 6:05PM NH801 12:15AM(+1) Singapore Singapore 5:50AM NH802 2:00PM NARITA ⇒ TOKYO

6:20PM NH805 11:00PM Bangkok Bangkok 6:50AM NH806 3:00PM
6:30PM NH831 10:45PM Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi Minh
11:55PM NH832 7:45AM(+1)
5:20PM NH819 8:55PM Manila Manila 9:30AM NH820 3:00PM
6:10PM NH811 9:55PM Hong Kong Hong Kong 9:40AM NH812 3:00PM
6:05PM NH955 9:05PM Beijing Beijing 8:30AM NH956 1:00PM
6:50PM NH921 8:55PM Shanghai Shanghai 10:15AM NH922 2:20PM
5:40PM NH823 8:15PM Taipei Taipei 8:45AM NH824 1:00PM
5:55PM NH827 12:10AM(+1) Delhi Delhi 1:25AM【!】 NH828 1:00PM

【!】NH918 departs after midnight, therefore the departure date on your ticket is different from your check-in date.
(e.g. Check-in starts in the evening of Nov. 1 for the flight departing Oct. 31.)

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