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Advance Seat Assignment

In addition to the existing html version seat map, flash version seat map is available from March 1, 2007.The flash version allows you to view the seat map in 3D.

Advance Seat Assignment

Advance Seat Assignment

Open the seat map and select your seat before you purchase your ticket.
Seat assignment for domestic flight connecting to international flight is also selectable from 2 months before your departure date. (only the request of seat preferrence is acceptable for domestic flight with having the departure date more than 2 months ahead and/or code share flights operated by other airlines.)

Seat Map Advance Seat Assignment(Before Ticket Purchase) Advance Seat Assignment(After Ticket Purchase)

Seat Map (Flash version)

[ Instruction ]
1 Selected flight is indicated in orange.
2 Selected passenger is indicated in orange. To change the selected passenger, please click on the name of the desired passenger.
3 Please select a seat from the seat map.
4 Please click [ Request ] to complete the request.
* If you finish without clicking [Request], the seat that you have selected will not be reserved.
5 Please click [ Complete seat assignment ] to complete the request.
* Please install Flash Player 7.0.19 or higher onto your browser.
Flash Player7.0 download
* Please set up your browser as Javascript-enabled to view the flash version seat map.

* If you are flying in First Class/Business Class/Premium Economy, you can check the details of your seat.

Seat Map (Html version)

[ Instruction ]
To select a seat from the seat map, please click on the available seat (displayed in light blue) and then, click "Confirm."


· Advance seat assignment is available until two days prior to departure thruough the Internet. If less than two days prior to departure, please use Online Check-in for seat assignment.You can select your seat through the Internet from 24 hours to 75 minutes before scheduled departure.
· For customers requesting seats in Emergency Exit rows: Please note that you may be asked by the cabin crew to assist other customers in the event of an emergency.
· For safety reasons, seating assignments for passengers who have visual impairments, difficulty walking without assistance, or other special medical conditions are limited. For details, please contact Customer Service Center, the Americas
· We may not always be able to honor your seat request because the number of seats is limited. Please note that your assigned seat may change due to change in aircraft or other reasons.
· Please note that ANA usually withhold a percentage of seats for passengers who need special assitance at time of boarding and during the flight.
If you are unable to pre-assign your seat at the time of your booking, you may obtain your assignment upon check-in for your flight.
· [For passengers who request emergency exit row seats]
In accordance with a directive issued by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, with effective from April 1, 2009, passengers seated in emergency exit seats will be limited to passengers that safety all the conditions. Please be sure to read "For passengers seated in emergency exit row seats". Passengers seated in emergency exit row seat will be requested to assist during an emergency evacuation under instructions of cabin crew.