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Japan Domestic Flight Mileage
Retroactive Registration

If you forget to register in advance or if for any reason (e.g. air carrier system settings) your flight miles are not accrued to your account after travel is completed, you may register for retroactive mileage accrual for 1 day (p.m.) after your boarding date within 6 months. Please use one of the procedures below to register.

[To members-only functions / phones]

●Applying to members-only functions on ANA Website
To members-only functions

●Applying by phone
ANA Mileage Club Service Center
* Registration is possible within 6 months of the afternoon of the day after you boarded your flight.
* Always retain your confirmation documents until you have confirmed that your miles have been registered.
●Apply by mailing the necessary documents
Mail the confirmation documents and this form with your ANA Mileage Club customer number and name to the following address.

[ Mail address for Retroactive Registration ]

Documents required for retroactive registration

(1) "Boarding pass" or "Boarding information" (original)

(2) A memo stating your name and ANA Mileage Club number

* Please confirm the same name of the two above.
* You can click here PDF to print a memo note form.
* Adobe Reader (free of charge) is required to read PDF FilePDF Format.

"Boarding pass" or
"Boarding information"

"Boarding pass" or "Boarding information" (original)

*1 ANA Domestic boarding pass format changed from September 8, 2015.
To confirm more information, please click here

* We cannot accept submissions postmarked later than 6 months after boarding. In addition, customers who have applyed for membership are eligible for retroactive registration. (Simply applying for retroactive registration does not qualify as applying for membership.) * Documents and applications (memos) sent to the Retroactive Registration Desk cannot be returned. If you require these documents, please make copies before sending the original documents. (When the mile registration application is completed, these documents will be disposed of in an appropriate fashion). * Registration cannot be completed if even one confirmation document is not received. * If the information on the mileage Retroactive Registration application differs from the information registered with the ANA Mileage Club, we may return the documents you sent together with the application and confirm their content. * Please confirm your Retroactive Registration status on the ANA Website. We cannot individually answer inquiries regarding such matters as accumulation status. * When applying by mail, postage for Retroactive Registration applications is the responsibility of the customer. Please note that refunds of postal fees cannot be made. * Retroactive Registration is possible from the day after your flight.