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Check-in, Preparing for Travel

1. Documentation, Baggage and Other Important Information

A. Passport
a. You will be required to show your passport at check-in.
b. Check the expiration date of your passport as some countries require that your passport remain valid for a certain amount of time.
c. Your passport is your main identification while traveling abroad. Write down your passport number and date of issuance and store the information in a safe place away from your passport.
* Some countries require transit and/or travel visas based on your nationality and itinerary.
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all the necessary travel documents to enter and/or transit countries on your itinerary.
B. Baggage
Find out your free allowance for the bags you check in for your flight before you travel. Click here for details.
C. Enjoy a Comfortable Flight
Click here for tips on how to enjoy a comfortable flight.
D. Insurance
Traveler's insurance is an important way to protect you against unforeseen circumstances prior to your travel. Travel insurance also protects you in case of accident on the way to the airport.
Click here for related pages
E. Airport Safety Inspections
Airport safety inspections are currently being strengthened based on instructions from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the United States FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Air safety is the number one priority at the ANA Group, and we appreciate your understanding during the safety checks that you may encounter on international ANA, Air Nippon and Air Japan flights.
Click here for information on increased security and restriction of EU/USA/JAPAN.
F. Collecting Advance Passenger Information (API)
For Passengers flying to Japan, Korea, China(excluding Hong Kong), Taiwan, India, United Kingdom, Canada or the United States, Carriers are required by the Government to collect the information called Advance Passenger Information (API). If you book the flights, ANA will ask you to provide this information and send it to the Government officials. Your understanding and cooperation is truly appreciated.
Click here for details.

2. Check-in

Basic Check-in Information

<Place for Check-in>
ANA airport counter
  • *Click here for ANA international airport counter opening times.
  • *For code-share flights operated by other airlines, please check-in at the operating carrier's counter.
<What to Bring>
  • - passport
  • - e-Ticket Itinerary
  • - any other travel documents necessary to enter (visas)
<Deadline for Check-in Time>
When checking-in for international flights at the airport, please complete your check-in at least 60 minutes before departure. (40 minutes before departure for Haneda Airport).
  • *Check-in deadlines and counters may vary for code-share flights depending on the carrier. For details, please contact the operating carrier directly.
  • *For through check-in (where you check-in for Japan domestic flights connecting to an international flight), please complete your check-in at least 30 minutes before your Japan domestic flight departure.

  【Information for fully booked economy class】
When Economy class on ANA Group operated flights is fully booked on the day of departure, ANA may ask for volunteers among passengers booked and holding tickets on ANA Economy class fares to board on Business class by additional payment of the following Upgrade Surcharge.
· Japan→North America (incl. Hawaii & Canada), and Europe routes 50,000yen
· Japan→Thailand,India,Viet Nam(Except Hanoi),Myanmar,Singapore,Indonesia routes 30,000yen
· Japan→Taiwan,Korea,Philippines routes 15,000yen
· Japan→China routes (incl. Hong Kong) 25,000yen
· North America (incl. Hawaii & except Canada)→Japan routes USD500
· North America(Canada)→Japan routes CAD550
· The United Kingdom(*)→Japan routes GBP320
· France(*), Germany→Japan routes EUR380
· Thailand→Japan routes THB11,000
· India→Japan routes INR19,000
· Viet Nam(Except Hanoi),Myanmar,Indonesia→Japan routes USD300
· Singapore→Japan routes SGD450
· Taiwan→japan routes TWD5,200
· Korea→Japan routes KRW200,000
· Philippines→Japan routes PHP7,300
· China routes (incl. Hong Kong)→Japan routes CNY1,800
· Hong Kong→Japan routes HKD2,200
(*) Information on U.K. Air Passenger Duty / French Air Passenger Solidarity Tax
The amount of the following duty and tax differ according to each boarding class. Upgrade Surcharge are subject for payment. Please note that the balance of the duty based on boarding class will be collected at the airport.
・U.K. Air Passenger Duty: Passengers departing from any airport in the United Kingdom are subject.
・French Air Passenger Solidarity Tax: Passengers departing from any airport in France are subject to this.
* Miles will be accrued based on the ticket class.

Online Check-in and Self-Service Check-In Machines

Take advantage of convenient "Online Check-in" and "Self-service Check-In machines", which saves time spent at the airport.

<Online Check-in>
This service is available from 24 hours until 75 minutes prior to your international flight departure by accessing ANA SKY WEB/ANA SKY MOBILE.
Click here for details.
<Self-service Check-In machine>
Check-in service is available through the Self-service Check-In machine: located next to the ANA airport counter.
Click here for details.

Through Check-in

Through check-in allows you to proceed with boarding and carry baggage all the way to your final destination at the departure airport for itineraries with connecting flights. Through check-in is available when the following conditions are met.

Through check-in is available to passengers who meet the following conditions.
  • 1. Meet the minimum connection time
  • 2. The reservation for the connecting flight is confirmed
  • 3. The operating carrier for the connecting flight is a partner airline for through check-in.

*Please note that through check-in service and issuing boarding passes for connecting flights may not be available due to limitations of the partner airlines' system or connecting airport.

[Through Check-in from an ANA Japan Domestic Flight to an ANA International Flight]

At all Japan domestic airports, except Obihiro, Kitakyushu and Iki airport, you can proceed with through check-in to an ANA international flight and your baggage will be carried to the destination. Please complete your check-in 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • *If the arrival airport of the Japan domestic flight sectors differs from that of the departure airport of the international flight
    (ex. Haneda-Narita or Itami-Kansai), baggage check in is required at the departure airport of the international flight.
  • *Baggage can be checked in only when it is a same day connection.
  • *Online Check-in is also available for passengers connecting from a Japan domestic flight to an international flight.

・Where to Check In

  • *Through check-in at an ANA Japan domestic flight will be accepted at the ANA check-in counter.
    However, please proceed with through check in at the international check-in counter for the airports below.
  • *Self-service check-in machines cannot be used to check in.
Airport Sapporo
Fukuoka Okinawa
Counter No. 18 K1 11 8 8

・Online Check-in

Passengers who have completed Online Check-in through international flights do not need to check in at the airport. Please proceed to Baggage check-in counter directly. At the following airports, please proceed to designate counter as below.*

Airport Sapporo
Fukuoka Okinawa
Counter No. 18 15 or 36 K1 11 8 8

*Bag check-in is available at the bag check-in counter when the counter mentioned above closes.

[Through Check-in to an ANA Domestic Flight]

Passengers connecting from an ANA international flight to an ANA domestic flight can proceed with through check-in at the international departure airport. It may be necessary to check in your baggage again due to customs.
Please note that through check-in service may not be offered at some airports.

*Through baggage check-in can be accepted only when it is a same day connection.

[Through Check-in to a Partner Airline's Flight]

Through check-in is offered when connecting from ANA international flight to partner airline's flight on the same day. You will receive a boarding pass for the partner airline's flight at the ANA counter.
When making a connection through the U.S., you may be required to pick up and check in your baggage again.
【Partner Airline's 】
Air Canada(AC)/ Air France(AF)/ Air India(AI)/ Avianca(AV)/ Aegean Airlines(A3)/ Copa Airlines(CM)/ CATHAY PACIFIC(CX)/ Air Dolomiti (EN)/ Ethiopian Airlines(ET)/ Garuda Indonesia(GA)/ TAM Brazil Airlines(JJ)/ Adria Airways(JP)/ Lacsa Airlines(LR)/ SWISS(LX)/ EgyptAir(MS)/ Air New Zealand(NZ)/ Austrian(OS)/ Croatia Airlines(OU)/ TAM Mercosur Airlines(PZ)/ Scandinavian Airlines(SK)/ Brussels Airlines(SN)/ Singapore Airlines(SQ)/ TACA Airlines(TA)/ Thai Airways(TG)/ United(UA)/ US Airways(US)/Virgin Atlantic(VS)/ Germanwings(4U)
<Airlines with limitation>*
EVA Air(BR)/Air China(CA)/ Dragon Air(KA)/ Lufthansa(LH)/ LOT Polish Airlines(LO)/ Asiana Airlines(OZ)/ South African Airways(SA)/ Turkish Airlines(TK)/ TAP Portugal(TP)/ Vietnam Airlines(VN)/ Vladivostok Air(XF)/ Shenzhen Airlines(ZH)/Jet Airways(9W)
*Please note that through check-in service and issuing boarding passes for connecting flights may not be available due to limitations of the partner airlines' system or connecting airport.
Please contact ANA International Flight Reservation and Information Center, for more detail.
[Through Check-in to an ANA International Flight ]

For passengers flying from ANA operating international flights to ANA operating international flights on the same day, you can check-in through to the destination as well as your baggage.

*Through check-in service may not be offered at some airports.

3. Connecting Flights

When making a connection, the Minimum Connecting Time must be met.
For more information regarding the Minimum Connecting Time for other airports, please contact ANA International Flight Reservation and Information Center.
For information on departure, arrival and connections at each airport, please check here.

Minimum Connecting Time for ANA Flights

Minimum Connecting Time for Japan domestic airports (limited to connection for flights both operated by ANA [NH⇔NH])
Please use the following times as a guideline to build your itinerary.

ANA flight → ANA flight Narita Haneda Kansai Nagoya Haneda ↔ Narita Itami ↔ Kansai Kobe ↔ Kansai
Japan Domestic →
over 45 minutes over 70 minutes over 55 minutes over 60 minutes over 180 minutes*1 over 180 minutes*1 over 230 minutes*1
International →
Japan Domestic
over 75 minutes over 80 minutes over 60 minutes over 60 minutes over 180 minutes*1 over 180 minutes*1 over 210 minutes*1
International →
over 45 minutes over 45 minutes over 55 minutes over 60 minutes over 210 minutes*1 NA NA
*1 Including approximate time required for transferring between airports.
* International codeshare flights operated by partner airlines are not included.
* Minimum connecting time from ANA to other airlines, Please contact ANA International Flight Reservation and Information Center, for more detail.

Airports Outside of Japan

The minimum connection time differs by the connecting airport and airline.
As the minimum connection time required need to be adjusted for departure/arrival terminal, counter number and/or airport facility changes, please contact ANA International Flight Reservation and Information Center.

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