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Job title : Pilot
Department : Air Japan, ANA WINGS
Location : Narita, Tokyo, Osaka in Japan
Job Status : Contract with Crew Resources Worldwide L.L.C., subsidiary of ANA.
Job Description
Basic Purpose
Performs flight duties as qualified Captain or First Officer in the airlines of ANA group as below ;
Air Japan 767 First Officer based in Narita. Passenger international flight.
ANA & JP Express 767 Captain or First Officer based in Narita. Cargo international flight.
Air Nippon* 737 Captain based in Tokyo. Passenger domestic flight.
ANA WINGS Dash8-Q400 Captain based in Osaka. Passenger domestic flight.
* All Nippon Airways Co.,Ltd(ANA) and Air Nippon Co.,Ltd(ANK), the consolidated subsidiaries of ANA, will plan to merge on April 1st, 2012.
1. Employment with Crew Resources Worldwide L.L.C. and seconded to the above airlines after passing flight simulator, interview and medical screenings.
2. Training for Japanese pilot certificates will be prepared by those airlines.
Specific Qualification
Required experience and certificates depend on the airlines. Please refer to Crew Resources Worldwide website,
How to Apply for a Job
Apply through Crew Resources Worldwide website or recruiter 808-839-8003.
Please do not apply to Los Angeles and San Francisco office of ANA.