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International Tickets

"ANA Value Vouchers" may be used to purchase ANA, Air Nippon*, Air Japan tickets.

Please refer to here for more information on eligibility.

* All Nippon Airways Co.,Ltd(ANA) and Air Nippon Co.,Ltd(ANK), the consolidated subsidiaries of ANA, will plan to merge on April 1st, 2012.


【Customers who reside outside of Japan】
From September 30, 2016, ANA Value Voucher use for ANA International Air Ticket purchase from overseas will be discontinued.
ANA mileage can be exchanged to ANA SKY COIN and be applied towards ANA International Air Ticket through the ANA Website (Japan site only).
Click here for details.

Eligible fares / fees
Applicable to all published prices, taxes, fees and other charges related to ANA flights (including domestic transit connections with ANA flight numbers).

* The ticket service charge can be paid using ANA Value Vouchers at ANA Reservations·Information Center when ticket is issued.
* Passengers will accrue flight miles for flights acquired with "ANA Value Vouchers."
* Limited to tickets issued in Japan.

Payment for airline tickets including flights and connecting flights operated by other airlines.
Payment for fees on extra baggage, valuation baggage charges, pets, etc.
Payment for service charges and other related charges for refund processing.
Payment for the difference generated by issuing replacement tickets.
Payment for taxes, fees and other related charges at the time of issuing Flight Awards.
Please reserve by calling the ANA Mileage Club Service Center, mentioning that you are using "ANA Value Vouchers."

ANA International Flight ReservationInformation Center
+81-3-6741-6683 (8:00 -20:00 / all year round)
* The ticket service charge can be paid using ANA Value Vouchers at ANA Reservations·Information Center when ticket is issued.
* Reservations must be made after receipt of "ANA Value Vouchers."
* Purchasing air tickets with “ANA Value Vouchers” on the Internet is not allowed. Please make a reservation at the above ANA Mileage Club Service Center by phone.
Please state the use of "ANA Value Vouchers" when making a reservation. If the reservation is completed by 2 weeks prior to departure, "ANA Value Vouchers" must be mailed to the address specified by ANA (given at the time of reservation) by registered mail, and must arrive until either within one week from the reservation reception date or previous day of the ticket purchasing period, whichever comes first. Upon receipt of "ANA Value Vouchers" and payment, e-ticket copies for the customer will be sent.

* Change cannot be returned if the amount of the "ANA Value Vouchers" exceeds the fare for the flight ticket.
* Flight tickets cannot be purchased via the Internet when purchasing with the "ANA Value Vouchers."
Reservation changes

Changes in reservation are subject to respective fare rules and regulations.
* Please note that booking changes may not be available for flights offered at special fares.
* No changes are allowed to the destination/itinerary/class or to flights operated by airlines other than ANA.
* No changes will be processed at the airport.

If you didn’t use any air tickets you purchased with ANA Value Vouchers, refund will be made with the amount paid with means other than "ANA Value Vouchers" as the maximum.
* Ticket refunds are subject to respective fare rules and regulations. Please pay special attention to discount fare.
* Refund fees will be subtracted from the amount paid with means other than "ANA Value Vouchers."
* No cash refund, return of "ANA Value Vouchers," or mileage credit to your Mileage Account will be made for the portion of payments using "ANA Value Vouchers."
* "ANA Value Vouchers" will be returned, in addition to the normal refund for payment made by methods other than "ANA Value Vouchers" in special cases such as cancellation due to bad weather, equipment failure, or passenger sickness. (However, no refunds will be issued for "ANA Value Vouchers" that have already expired at the time of refund request for flight cancellations due to bad weather and other acts of nature.
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