Inspiration of JAPAN

Guidance for Using Awards

Award User Registration

"Award User Registration" is required for those other than the member to use the Awards. Please register award users through the "members-only functions".

* It is also possible to register by acquiring an Award User Registration Form from the ANA Mileage Club Service Center and mailing it back. Request the "Award User Registration Form" from the ANA Mileage Club Service Center through the 24-hour fax reply service.

* You can register as many as 10 people as Award Users in addition to the member. Changing or deleting registered information will require a deduction of 5,000 miles per person as a change fee.

* There is no fee for changing or deleting registration content for changes in household information (marriage, death, etc.) or for fixing spelling errors, etc. However, you will need to provide official documents as proof of household changes when making a change.

* You may be asked to provide documentation proving your family relationship with the member.

* Awards reservation will not be possible via the Internet if there are duplicate Award User Registrations.