Flight Delays and Cancellations in Europe

Thank you for flying with ANA.

Most of the flights operated within Europe and European airports served by ANA are experiencing the following circumstances this summer.
Please be aware that these circumstances may disrupt your itineraries.

[Circumstances at European Airports]
- A sharp increase in the number of airline passengers due to the easing of COVID-19 travel restrictions
- A reduced ability to handle flight operations and duties at airports due to staffing shortages at European airlines and their contractors
- Congestion on flight routes across Europe due to the avoidance of Russian airspace by airlines,
and restrictions on the number of flights that can be operated in the airspace around Ukraine

These circumstances may have the following effects.

[Actual Effects]
- Sudden delay or cancellation of flights on the date of their operation
- Passengers missing their connecting flights due to flight delays
- Checked baggage not arriving at final destinations due to not being loaded onto connecting flights
*It may take an average of 10 days for return of baggage.
- Longer waiting times in various locations within airports
- Congestion on roads and disruptions to the operations of bus and railway companies providing travel to and from airports

Due to a significant increase in the number of passengers at Frankfurt Airport,
longer waiting times at the airport are expected.

The Airport Authority has issued a special notice.

Passengers using Frankfurt Airport, including those on our flights, should note the following:

- Please arrive at the airport terminal approximately two and a half hours before departure.
- Please be prepared to present the necessary documents for your departure.
(*Please note that a PCR test is required for entry into Japan.)
- Please check the number of baggage items and rules for carry-on baggage.
- Please proceed to the security checkpoint as soon as you have checked in.


At London Heathrow Airport, due to a shortage of airport throughput,
the airport authority has announced a phased restriction of supply and demand from 11 July to 11 September,
including suspension of new bookings, flight cancellations and restrictions on the number of bookings.


ANA is currently not accepting new bookings for flight NH212 London Heathrow to Tokyo Haneda from 14 to 25 July.

In light of the current circumstances within Europe, we kindly request that you note the following points.

[Points to Note before Travel]
1) Airports
- Please allow plenty of time to come to the airport, as transport and airports may be congested.
- When departing for Japan, please undertake the necessary preparations in advance so that you can complete boarding procedures without any problems.
Such preparations include preparing your travel documents and completing the registration process on MySoS.

2) Connections
- Delays tend to occur across Europe due to congestion in the region's airspace.
For this reason, we recommend that you allow plenty of time for connections at European airports when scheduling your travel.
(Recommended connection time: 2 hours or more*)
*There is no guarantee that you will be able to catch your connecting flight.
- If you have a connecting flight,
we recommend that you place any items you will need during your trip or after returning to your country in your carry-on baggage rather than your checked baggage.
(e.g., items required for work, medicine you are currently taking, essential personal belongings)
We recommend this in case your checked baggage does not arrive at your final destination.
(i.e., it is sent to you at a later date)

3) Point of Contact for Flight Issues
- If your flight is late and you are unable to connect to your next flight, the airline that operated the delayed flight will provide you with assistance.
(e.g., transfer you to a different flight)
- If your checked baggage does not arrive at your final destination, the airline that operated your last flight will provide you with assistance.
(e.g., search for your baggage and arrange for it to be sent to you)
- If your flight is cancelled, the airline that was supposed to operate that flight will provide you with assistance.
(e.g., transfer you to a different flight)

Am 23.7.2022
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd