How to find Fare Basis Code (Booking Class).

Please refer to the "ELECTRONIC TICKET ITINERARY" or "My Booking".

What is Fare Basis Code?

Fare Basis Code is an alphabetical/numeric code which shows an overview of fare rules.

  1. (1) First digit: Booking Class
    • one digit in between (2) and (1) may be present.
  2. (2) Fare Type: one digit in between 2 and 3 digit (or 3 and 4 digit) may be present.
    Example indicates ZRC type fare.
  3. (3) Fare with "P" or "Z" as the 4th character of the Fare Basis Code means it is a "Limited Offer" (except Asia/Oceania and Honolulu rules).


Please refer to the ELECTRONIC TICKET ITINERARY for Fare Rule detailed information.

My Booking (Example)

Please refer My Booking page on ANA SKY WEB for Fare Rule detailed information.

What is Fare Type?

Fare Type shows the overview of the fare rules, for example if it is refundable/changeable or not.

  • _ : Booking class
What is Fare Type?
Fare Type Fare Family Change Refund
_77/Type Full Flex(Plus) Permitted. Permitted.
_FF/Type Full Flex(Plus) Permitted. Permitted.
_RF/Type Flex(Plus) Permitted with charge. Permitted.
_RC/Type Basic(Plus) Permitted with charge. Permitted with charge.
_RN/Type Value(Plus) Not permitted. Permitted with charge.
_NC/Type Special(Plus) Permitted with charge. Not permitted.
_NN/Type Super Value Not permitted. Not permitted.
  • Fares with (Plus) in Fare Family are upgradable using mileage or points.
  • Please refer to the Fare Rule page for detailed information including fees.
  • This information relates to fares which can be booked via ANA SKY WEB.
  • Fares and Rules are subject to change without notice.