Full Flex(Economy)

Fare rule

Ticket Purchases
[When reserved and purchased through the WEB]
- Reservation and purchase must be completed through ANA Website.
- Reservation for all segments must be confirmed before purchase.
- Purchase must be completed at same time as reservation until 6 hours before the departure time of the first flight.

[When reserved or purchased through other channels]
- Ticket can be purchased anytime before depature.
Reservation Changes Available
Refund [When purchased as part of an international ticket]
A full refund will be made.

[When purchased solely as a Japan domestic ticket]
Refund fee : JPY430 for each sector
A cancellation fee will apply for requests made after departure.

*A full refund may be requested within 24 hours of purchase for flights booked at least one week in advance from the outbound departure date for purchases made through the ANA SKY WEB North America website, Customer Service Center, the Americas or at an ANA airport ticketing counter within the U.S. Please do not process your refund through the website, instead, contact Customer Service Center the Americas.
Upgrade Ineligible. However you can upgrade by using upgrade points or by paying upgrade fee if the seat is available at the check-in counter on the day of departure.